A Poem: ‘Used Condition’

Every now and again, usually when I’m feeling low, frustrated and full of some kind of emotion, I tried to express my thoughts down on to a page in a small notebook. This all started when I used to live alone and went through a terrible relationship with someone at the start of this year. Actually, I started writing my thoughts down three-years ago, before I’d moved out, when I was growing tired of living with my mum and her selfish, tart-like behaviour… I did find it easier having more ‘alone time’ though, which you don’t get in a shared house. Now though, my main aim is to try and transform my thoughts from words and in to poems. Sometimes, limericks are easier and more enjoyable!

There’s one poem(?) that I wrote a couple of months ago and I’d like to share it with you today. It was not long after I met ‘May’ in person and I went through a state of feeling as though I was being and had been ‘used’ in some way… Now, I see things more positively and I do not hold her own feelings and emotions against her.

‘Used Condition’

Once again,
I find myself
Empty, cold inside

I wanted to be there for you
Instead, you run and hide

You kept me warm,
I felt so close
Yet now, so far away

If only you’d stop going back
You’d find that better day.

I am a worrier and an over-thinker at times. Both signs of low self-esteem that only lead to anxiety. Whatever I feel for this beautiful but troubled young woman, it’s strong and unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

Thank you for reading.

6 comments on “A Poem: ‘Used Condition’

  1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing your words.

  2. meandanxiety says:

    You’re a very talented poet! x

    • Thank you, Maxi, you’re very kind! 🙂

      I still only see them as words on a page but, as there are a creative representation of my words then, I decided to share them. Maybe it’s my own anxiety that stops me from seeing them another way? I was like that at school sometimes and couldn’t always see my own abilities and potential.

      But, I seem to have received a lot of positive attention and praise for my words, which means an awful lot – a big THANK YOU to everyone! 🙂

  3. Nice! I can feel your emotion in this.

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