Poem: ‘Meeting May’

As today doesn’t seem to be getting any ‘better’, I can’t even find the local news on TV and, with all the clouds in the sky causing darkness to creep in early, I find myself again sat at my laptop, ready to share at least one more poem with you today.

This was written in mid-to-late June, only hours after meeting ‘May’ in person for the very first time, on a rare sunny day (at least until the evening), after weeks of chatting online.

‘Meeting May’

From six-weeks of talking, we finally met
We both were excited, but would it be wet?
As daylight awoke us, the sun did arrive
With so much between us, I couldn’t wait to meet your eyes.

I sat all alone, nervous, in waiting
Your wave, your expression; that hug felt amazing!
We’d waited a while, the picture was set
Long for this story of how we first met.

With lots going on, we both looked around
It was later through talking, I new what I’d found
Your hair, your eyes, your smile, that cut nose
Where some may look past you, I do love your clothes.

We talked, we shared, we learned and we cared
I have these deep feelings but, please, don’t be scared.

The time isn’t now but I’m willing to wait
One day, you’ll be ready. I hope I’m not late!

We’re friends for now and forever will be
I ended my search because you’re the one for me.

It’s when I look back and write something like this that I begin to wonder whether I should share it with her… I’d certainly like to some day, as I know she’s written poetry of her own in the past and has even had her work published in a book. This blog is only in it’s prime and I know I can be patient because of what I believe.

 Thanks for reading.


One comment on “Poem: ‘Meeting May’

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