Poem: ‘Message Not Received?’

One more for today and perhaps the last one for a little while, as my little book of secrets is beginning to look thin on filled pages. There’s a lot of work-in-progress and I still have a lot to work through in my mind so, with the encouragement I’ve already received, I’m hopeful that I can continue these writings/poems/whatever-they-are in good time.

This one was written approximately one week after the last, when May and I first met in person. Despite several attempts at messaging her, our communication had gone silent and I was confused, to say the least. I now have a greater understanding of why this has happened and, why it stills continues infrequently now. At the time though, I had some thoughts that I needed to write down.

‘Message Not Received?’

I’m all alone
Using my phone
Maybe you’re not home?
But surely, you check your phone?

Still no reply
I wonder why?
Was it something I said?
Am I just not that guy.

Are you okay?
I think of you each day
If something’s on your mind
You only have to say.

We started so close
Yet now, feel so far
Just give me a sign
And I’ll jump in my car.

Are you online?
I’m not feeling fine
If there was a way
I’d free you today.

It cannot be easy
Of that I am sure
I’ll always be wating
Still feeling the warmth.

Thanks for reading.


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