Poem: ‘Work, Sleep, Repeat!’

Flicking through the pages, there’s another piece of my ‘short-writing’ that I’d like to share with you right now. The afternoon is passing quickly and my thoughts are already turning to waking up at 6am (usually sooner), ready for another depressing day at work, starting at 7am. I hate the day-job I have now, about as much as I’ve hated every other; each one for different reasons.

What I hate most of all though, is that I don’t ever seem to do anything on a weekend. I went out to see family yesterday afternoon but, I’ve spent most of today lying in bed, listening to music. I could blame the rain but, it’s not really the weather’s fault. I’m like this every Sunday; living the same old routine, without actually ‘living’, or so it feels.

Life should be about balance, I believe – and, that is something I do not have right now.

‘Work, Sleep, Repeat!’

Get up, go to work.
Get home, go to bed.
After bed, time for work.

It’s the weekend!
No more work!

Saturday’s gone,
Just one day left.
Time to think of heading back to bed.

My job, by nature, is very depressing, working in a factory-like environment amongst an unskilled group; some of which have been in the job, working for this same company, for far too long. Starting at 7am is bad enough but, having to then work on ’til 17.00 just to pick up a half-decent wage; it really doesn’t help.

I know I should be grateful for having a job at a time where many are suffering without. After almost three-years in the limbo of unemployment, this was actually my third job in less than eighteen-months, at the time my contract started in May last year. I do keep my eyes open to see what else is available weekly.

Maybe I’ll have a proper rant soon about the real reason I hate this company (I know I’m not alone but, it never changes).

One of the reasons I try to write these things is because I have secret aspirations of being a song writer. I’ve already cited Brandon Boyd as a personal inspiration elsewhere on this blog and the lyrics and sound of Incubus have always struck a chord with me. I am planning to start a short-fiction writing course very soon. Perhaps I’ll consider poetry after that.

Thank you for reading.

3 comments on “Poem: ‘Work, Sleep, Repeat!’

  1. I think your writing is great! Good luck on your course!

    • Thank you for stopping by and for your comments, Lisa. 🙂

      I did tell you I’d be starting this blog up but I couldn’t find a way of contacting you discreetly through your site. I’m glad you found me though. 😉

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