This is fantastic!! My blog hasn’t been active for long but I just managed to catch it in time to have some of my own poems included. Everyone is so talented and should feel so proud of what we have achieved and created together. 🙂

The Depressed Moose

I did it, I DID IT!!

I have published a second book. It is the poetry book that I was talking about has been uploaded to smashwords and is alive!!

over 40 people have contributed poems to the book and I am very very very proud of myself today! This book will hopefully raise some money for Mind from sales as well.

The book can be found here please help spread the word!


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  1. thank you for the follow and congrats on the book!

  2. […] that’s her); one of the few poems I’ve written that didn’t make it in to the Depressed Moose’s eBook. I pre-warned her that it was written spontaneously only a few hours after we first met in person […]

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