Poem: ‘Surround Sound’

After writing my last post, I spent an hour sat back (almost lying) on top of my bed. I tried watching TV for a bit, only to find that The Simpsons wasn’t on after all and, I’d missed the local news. I’d already seen both episodes of The Big Bang Theory over on E4 so, I went to a radio station (Planet Rock, which is still playing now). After a ten-minute nap, I reached for my notebook and began to write.

I’ve been back at my mum’s house for almost a whole month now and it’s been strange settling in with all the various noises surrounding me, after sixteen-months of near-isolation (well, it was a detached building). This poem started as something written about my fears and discomfort with all these disturbances but, look back at it and wonder if there might be another message from my subconscious…

‘Surround Sound’

Another day is ending and
It’s time to head back home
I walk in through the front door
Shoes off; at last, I’m alone!

Here comes that wagging tail
Demanding love and affection
Will I walk her tonight?
I’d better not mention!

One hour later and
Mum’s back from work.
Then, comes my sister
From where did she lurk?

On goes the TV
That hurrying sound
The oven, the kitchen
Suddenly, noise is all around!

An evening may pass but
The TV stays active
The chatter, sound and nonsense
It feels so intrusive

Footsteps and stomping,
It must be time for bed.
When those doors stop banging
Perhaps then, I can rest my head?

Weekends are no different
I’m home but not alone
I need to escape this but
I do hear my phone.

I did alter a couple of words as I went along but, this is otherwise as it was when it came to me. I quite enjoy writing spontaneously like this. I don’t really know how to write any other way (spellchecker’s do so much work that I don’t see much sense in trawling backwards, as long as your thoughts and opinions are genuine).

My counsellor once asked me if I felt comfortable with family at home (my safe place) and I answered yes. I certainly do feel less anxious and far more relaxed. But, I think it shows that I’m not as comfortable as I’d like to be… Is this another angle to my social anxiety?

I hope you liked it and thank you for reading. 🙂

Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

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