Don’t worry, I’m not all ‘lovey-dovey’ with my closest friend tonight. I’ve actually been feeling quite shit today (for want of a better word – crap?!), in spite of the fact that I enjoyed a few hours in the great outdoors and sunshine yesterday. It’s Sunday again!

Honestly, I wish they would just rename this: ‘The Day Before Monday‘… That’s all it ever feels like, to me.

Fridays are great. You finish work and have a whole two days to look forward to, where you (probably) don’t have to get up early!

Saturdays are fun. You’re not at work (unless you work weekends – in which case, you probably have two days off in the week), you feel free to do something you might enjoy and you feel assured in the fact that you still have one more ‘late night/lie in’ ahead of you.

Sunday comes and, I’m already counting down the hours until I need to go to bed. Before that, I’m watching the morning drift away, waiting for my roast dinner at lunchtime and then, I realise it’s only twelve-hours before I’ll be dragging myself out of bed again. Thoughts turn to starting work at 7am, with Chris Evans and BBC Radio 2 (aka. “Conformist Radio”) bleating around the warehouse! From every corner, finding its way in to every orifice. Let it be known that I HATE Radio 2 and, every one of its presenters, with a true passion!

It’s the monotony and tired ‘routine’ of it all. Every morning, the same jingles. That beeping, on the hour, to let you know when to start work; when you can go home; when so-and-so is going to take a trip to the coffee machine… Jeremy Vine and his attempts to ‘make Britain bitter and miserable’ by encouraging listeners to phone in, make them angry and pair them off against one another. “This is Steve Wright in the afternoon…” Hang on, last time I checked, your name was just Steve Wright! Thank you for reminding me what time of day it was, a***hole!!! 😛 Even when one presenter is absent, they just replace them with someone equally as unbearable, like Vanessa Feltz or Patrick effing Kielty!!

I should try and write a post soon on things I appreciate and am grateful for in my job. I could probably do it now, if I really wanted to. Glancing back through some of this, I’m sure it wouldn’t take very long to highlight all the positives! 😀

I apologise for dragging anyone else down with me, on the dawn of a new week.

One comment on “Sundays

  1. You’re just saying how you feel, you don’t need to apologise about that, although saying that, I do it as well. All the best.

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