What Is Your ‘Normal’ Face?

Can you describe (or think of) the appearance of your ‘normal’ face?

How do you look when you feel ‘okay’. Without stress, sadness or excitement. You’re just as you are.

People often tell me that I look worried. Many times, I’ve been told to ‘cheer up‘ and that ‘it might never happen‘, even when I feel as if everything’s okay… But then, this could be my form of ‘acceptance’ for having lived in quite an anxious state for a very long time.

I’ve tried photographing myself many times (dating profiles, Facebook, etc.) and, each time, I just look bored! If I smile, it looks too forced and unnatural (cringe). Sometimes even creepy! 😛 It’s probably one of the reasons I’ve never had a great response from those sites in the past. To be honest, I’ve never been that satisfied with the images I’ve uploaded and I believe it’s better to be in a situation where you feel comfortable and there’s someone else to snap you, for you.

When I was in a relationship with my one girlfriend in January (it lasted only six weeks… Or, perhaps, six days!!), she asked me to help her with a photograph for her profile on the site. I met her ‘blind’ and, actually, this was after we’d met but, before we’d started official going out. When I tried to photograph her, stood there silently behind the camera, she looked terrified, to be frank. She had her own battles with anxiety (and bipolar disorder) that often meant she couldn’t even leave her flat (alone) for simple tasks likely weekly food shopping.

She wasn’t the most gorgeously stunning of women I’ve ever seen and, I can see myself reliving that six-week experience in another post soon… But, when she was relaxed, at home and, especially when she smiled with laughter, she had a face that would light up any room (…Or, crime-ridden, run-down city).

My point is that, while the eyes may often be regarded as the ‘window in to the soul‘ of a person, our facial expressions (and body language) can tell someone more about how we’re feeling than any words that emerge from our mouths.

When I know I’m not happy or, I’m in an anxious situation, I feel a tightness between my eyes that draws my eyebrows together, often resulting in frown lines on my forehead above. Weights, either side, restrict the movement of my mouth. It’s not a frown but, breaking in to a smile feels like such a monumental effort in this state. I also sense an increased sense of tension above my cheek-bones.

My normal face has a straight smile. Not a grin but, not a frown. I just look uninterested and ‘dead-pan’, as my mum has always described me! 🙂 My eyes look straight ahead. Not wide in fear but not to restrict the admittance of daylight, either.

So, how about you?

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting any photos! If you want to do a drawing instead of words then, that’s up to you!! 😀

6 comments on “What Is Your ‘Normal’ Face?

  1. meandanxiety says:

    I think I also always look worried! haha

  2. reflectionsonlifethusfar says:

    Very serious. Even when I think I’m in a good mood! LOL

  3. reflectionsonlifethusfar says:

    I said very serious but thinking some more about it made me want to add ‘thoughtful’ or ‘contemplative’. Somewhere between contemplative and thoughtful-serious! lol

  4. […] never happy with it. In truth, it wasn’t a great shot of her… As I tried to discuss in another recent post; she’s one of those people who looks quite lovely when she smiles. But, the fear brings out […]

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