Day 1 – Something You Hate About Yourself

After reading a post by WeeGee over the weekend, I’ve decided to give this Thirty Days of Truth challenge ago.

Reading through the list, I can already see that there are one or two issues I’m going to find very difficult to consider but, even if I don’t complete the whole thing, I think it will be beneficial in the long run to have run some of these thoughts through my mind.

I’ll try to add a new Page to the site soon, with links to each of the challenges I’ll be facing. Also, I’ll try my best to do one every day for the next thirty days. It may take thirty-one or, I may even do it in less but, one way or another, I will conquer this. 🙂

Day 1 – Something You Hate About Yourself

Hate is such a strong word. Have you ever told someone that you ‘hate’ them? Maybe you’ve even heard it yourself. It’s not nice, either way.

There are plenty of things I can think of that I dislike although, some of these change on a day-to-day basis, depending on my mood. So, already, on Day 1, I faced with a serious challenge that require some careful thought…

With many of these ‘dislikeable’ attributes, including features for which I have been bullied in the past, I have learned that I can accept them as part of ‘me’. I’m imperfect, just like everyone else. On certain days, it’s easier to do this than on others but, it is possible.

If there’s one thing that feels impossible to accept then, it’s my previously-discussed problems associated with weeing. I don’t believe it to be natural. It’s not something I can easily control and, although I’ve sought medical help on more than one occasion, I’m left on my own to just live with it. I hate the feeling it gives me each day. Once every few hours; as often as I have to pee. The fear that others may notice and how it adds to my anxiety in social situations.

As a person, I can’t think of anything I strongly ‘hate’ about my nature. I sometimes wish I was more confident, ascertain and imposing of my opinions but, I am growing.

So, that’s Day 1 out of the way. I don’t yet feel ‘liberated’ or anything but, I do feel good about moving on to Day 2! 🙂

3 comments on “Day 1 – Something You Hate About Yourself

  1. Good luck with this challenge!! And it doesn’t matter if it takes more or less than 30 days, looking forward to reading your posts 🙂

  2. Bourbon says:

    That is day one?? It could have started off a bit more positive, couldn’t it?! I hope day 2 gives you a little bit of a boost of positivity xx

  3. meandanxiety says:

    Good luck with this challenge, I was thinking about doing it too, but I’m a bit dubious! Maybe I’ll try writing Day One and see how I go.. x

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