Day 2 – Something You Love About Yourself

Before I get on with anything else and try to recollect the memories concluding the events of my relationship with ‘Jan’ earlier this year, I’d like to have a go at today’s truth challenge…

‘Something I Love About Myself’

Again, the word ‘love‘ has much more to it than to simply suggest that you ‘like’ something (or someone). With symptoms of depression, anxiety and also low self-esteem, it can be very difficult to even consider your own personal positives, yet alone to be able to focus on them and the ones that shine brightest in your mind’s eye.

I’m slowly learning to accept myself. Bullying from an early age has taken it’s toll on my self-esteem and, even now, an impartial jibe or a mild joke from someone can deep beneath the skin, even though I try hard not to show it.

Although I suffer with psychological issues like many people, I do like to think as though I’m level-headed. I know how to treat and respect people and it’s very rare that I ever upset anyone (I never do it intentionally). I seem to get along with others and I can work with just about anyone… Even the unwashed guy at work, who nobody can even be bothered to listen to!

I have met some pretty ‘nasty’ people in my time and I’ve had my share of bad experiences in various situations.

So, one thing I do love about myself is my basic personality. I can be miserable, I can be agitated and I can withdraw myself from the surrounding world but, I am a good person and wouldn’t honestly want to be anyone else. Even when I’m quiet and can be a bit awkward in social situations, that’s just a part of who I am and good friends will always respect that. 🙂

If I had to choice another aspect, it would be my fighting spirit and attitude. It wasn’t something I was aware of until my counsellor mentioned it recently but, I keep on going and never give up. I sometimes feel a need to question it but, even without an answer, it doesn’t seem to stop me easily.


3 comments on “Day 2 – Something You Love About Yourself

  1. I think it’s great you love who you are basically. That is huge! A lot of people dislike their own personality so the fact you are able to say you like/love your’s is awesome! 🙂

    When I was reading your post I was thinking you sound very accepting and agreeable to be around. You sound like you make the effort to include people others exclude. That is very admirable.


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