Day 5 – Something You Hope to Do in Your Life

There really aren’t any one-word answers to these questions… I can think of several goals, targets and even dreams that I would like to achieve within my life time (currently twenty-seven). It would be too easy to list them here or, to focus on one of that may not mean significantly more than another. So, I’m going to focus on one that I discreetly fear I could fail to achieve.

Day 5 – Something I Hope to Do in My Life

To travel and see what the big, wide world has to offer in terms of sights, culture and wonder.

I could easy have written something like ‘walk on the surface of Mars‘ but, I do honestly feel as though that is unachievable. At least, for another couple of hundred years!

Regular readers will have noticed that I’m getting myself out at the weekends to explore the countryside surrounding Bristol and the local area. From a young age, I’ve always wanted to see the great Pyramids of Egypt. I’m fascinated by the history of it all and that sense of discovery you must have when walking down the Valley of the Kings… It’s the sort of place that I imagine ‘everyone’ to have seen already. Who I am going to meet who hasn’t already been there?! Would they really want to go again?

I do not feel as though any form of ‘travel’ is something that I could do alone. Maybe that’ll change, with self-improvement and an decreased amount of fear when it comes to meeting and interacting with unknown people. There’s also the ‘practical’ side of travel that suggests I would never be able to afford to go back-packing for months at a time… I know people who’ve done it after graduating from university yet, they don’t seem to worry about the £20,000-worth of student debt hanging over the heads, or the fact that they’ve only worked weekends (if at all) for the past three or four years… Where do they find the money to disappear halfway around the world?!?

I look at what I earn (it is above national minimum wage) but can only see how I would struggle to afford even a weekend away down in Devon. One of the reasons I’m visiting a lot of ‘free to enter’ sites on my Saturdays is because I don’t seem to have much else to spare.

Japan, China and the Far East in general has always fascinated. It looks almost like another world, from the photographs I’ve seen. It’s a different culture; another way of living, perhaps.

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this already or not but, when I was ten-years old and just starting the final year (Year 6) of primary school, my best friend emigrated with his parents all the way to Australia. I’ve always said to myself that I would make an effort to go over and even try to see him. I actually would’ve ‘expected’ this to have happened by the time I reached twenty-four…

I could sit her all day writing about the sights I’d like to see and destinations that I’ve always had in mind (the Inca Trail of Peru, being another – every other girl on these dating websites seems to have done this and so much more). Back-packing may not be the way for me right now but I’d love to be able to spend a week, maybe even two, in another land. I’ve been to some of the ‘usual’ Mediterranean countries but, those were family holidays, without much room for exploration. I was different, back then.

If ever you’re lacking in inspiration for ideas on where to go and what to see then, I recommend you get hold of the two An Idiot Abroad DVDs. Karl Pilkington visits many places I’d never even heard of and, as long as your sense of humour’s not broken, you should be able to laugh along the way. It’s okay though, you don’t really see or here that much from Ricky Gervais! 😛

Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

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