Four Places That I Want to Visit

I just read this post over on The Bipolar Place and I thought I’d follow up Day 5 of Honesty with my own list of four places around the world that I would one day like to visit.

1. Australia – I’ve already mentioned that my best friend from childhood lives there but, there are many other reasons to go. I would like to try snorkelling around the Great Barrier Reef.

2. Japan – I’ve always been fascinated by their culture and philosophy. I don’t study it much but, you read so many things that I’d love to go and see what it’s really like for myself, with a friend. Climbing Mount Fuji looks like another achievement to add.

3. China – My fascination with far-off Asian lands is partly due to a computer game known as Shenmue. It’s a huge country so, I’m not certain of where I’d go. Karl Pilkington has made me aware of what to look out for (toilets and edible insects!) but I would like to walk the Great Wall… Maybe I’d prefer to visit Hong Kong and Wan Chai, to see where all the inspiration for sites within Shenmue II came from.

4. Iceland – This one’s inspired by a DVD Incubus released in 2007, titled Look Alive. Along with live music, there were short video clips of the band enjoying the places they visited, including a dip in the Blue Lagoon; so surreal in its colour alone. I’d love to find out if it’s really that warm when the snow is falling overhead… I can’t quite get my head around that! 🙂

(All these thoughts and, depending on the weather, I still haven’t decided on where I’m going tomorrow! :-P)

I could list a fifth one but, how about you?

3 comments on “Four Places That I Want to Visit

  1. I’m from Australia and haven’t even snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef… I’d definitely love to see more of this country than I have. New Zealand is on my list too, as well as Morocco and parts of Africa.

  2. Im from Australia too and I think we live in the best country in the world! I have travelled to quite a few countries and loved all of them, but could not imagine living anywhere else and would not want to live anywhere else. Japan is an amazing country as well. The culture is so beautiful and so interesting. I cant wait to go back again. There are so many places in the world. Where do you go first! Kat 🙂

  3. andiekins82 says:

    I’ve explored quite a bit of Canada, and I love Ontario where I’m from, specifically Northern Ontario. I still want to visit British Columbia more, and more of the US I think (although I have been there quite a bit) I also want to travel all over Europe, Holland being first on my list, as that’s where my family background is from…as well as Italy for the Architectural history and beauty, France, and anywhere else I can squeeze in…Iceland has been up there on my list for a while as well. The country fascinates me. And the rest are more just specific adventures: going spelunking and if I ever got the chance ice caving, sky diving, seeing the polar bears, any sort of long distance train trips, I’d love to go on a Mediterranean cruise, and an Alaskan cruise, and even just exploring local waterfalls and sites. Life is meant to live…that’s my philosophy, so have fun doing it!! 🙂

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