Last Night’s Dream

It’s not often that I have unique dreams so, I like to ‘document them’ here, when I can. Actually, as this dream was happening, I felt as though I’d been in this situation recently – is that my subconscious talking or, was I aware that it was only another dream?

It occurred on the road where I lived for sixteen months in my own place, until August this year. I’d walked down the drive way (presumably, going for one of my regular local walks down the country lanes) and I noticed this frightening crying sound. As I walked further up the road, to discover the cause of this commotion, I noticed a small dog running towards me (a beagle puppy, I think), followed by a little girl, only six or seven-years old, if I had to guess.

Neither of them were running at full pace. The dog was skipping along quite briskly (as dogs often do) and the girl was simply walking behind, crying out (in a voice similar to Lil from the cartoon series Rugrats). I can’t remember exactly what she was saying but, she was shouting, crying, almost screaming at her dog not to run away again. Begging him, “please”, while asking him to come back.

I think the girl was dressed in pink, wearing a coat and carrying the dog’s lead (unattached). She had dark hair and, if not a vaguely Chinese ethnicity then, she could have been an early version of my own sister, as I remember her when she was young.

As the dog moved closer to me, I noticed he (or she) was carrying one of those chewy bones that dogs love. As the dog passed me, it dropped the bone, turned around and, wagging its tail, came around to my front to say hello. I helped him back to the girl on the other side of the road, where there was a lay-by for car parking. I remember her saying “Thank you, mister.“, as I sat there stroking the pup. She was kneeling the other side, head down looking straight at her pet. She didn’t even glance up at me and made no other actions before the dream ended.

I’m lost as to any possible meaning (I have no kids) but, you’re welcome to interpret this however you may like. 🙂

6 comments on “Last Night’s Dream

  1. rapture84 says:

    I don’t think that dreams can be understood without emotional context…

  2. kyrie says:

    Maybe it means you’re going to help someone soon? Unfortunately, I’m no expert on dreams. I seem to only remember the tragic or sad dreams that I have.

  3. reflectionsonlifethusfar says:

    Do you normally dream in colour? It’s late where I live so I’m too tired to offer my interpretation but will try to remember to come by tomorrow and give it a ‘go’.

    • Thank you. Yes, it is always in full colour.

      • reflectionsonlifethusfar says:

        You’re welcome. Unfortunately, I am sort of having trouble interpreting this dream. I can’t always figure out what dreams mean as I am just an ordinary person. Jungian dream analysts, or is it Freudian?, say every person in our dreams is an aspect of us so the little girl would be a representation of you somehow and you’d be yourself of course.

        It’s difficult interpreting dreams without knowing how the person dreaming the dream felt. Did you feel anything while you were dreaming? Anxiety, calmness, confusion, etc.?

        Details in dreams generally have less significance than you might think. It’s more the overarching theme you’re looking for in dream interpretation. The themes I can identify from your dream are perhaps 1. feeling lost, 2. looking for direction/meaning, 3. connection with others,
        4. vulnerability 5. remembering being a child? I am sort of uncertain. Like I said before it’s difficult to analyze dreams if I don’t know how you felt during the dream. Maybe someone with some expertise could figure it out w/o knowing your emotions but I’m a lay person who just happens to like dream analysis/interpretation! LOL 😀

  4. […] It’s not often that I have unique dreams so, I like to ‘document them’ here, when I can. Actually, as this dream was happening, I felt as though I’d been in this situation r…  […]

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