Day 11 – Something People Seem to Compliment You the Most On

Some-thing‘ only has to be ‘one thing‘ and that doesn’t have to be ‘the number one‘ item on my list either because, I’m not quite sure of what that is!

This is going to come from work and my day-job, simply because I don’t feel I have enough interactions with people socially to consider anything from there. Each of the three women (including the fourth I never met) who I’ve met this year have each praised me for my kind and attentive nature as a friend. My counsellor insists that I am someone who keeps on going (even though, I’m taking another break from those sessions for the foreseeable future). I don’t seem to get much genuine praise from immediate family (except from those who notice my height!) so, I’m going to have focus on my employment history.

Wherever I’ve worked, I’ve always been known as a hard worker. People don’t always say it but, they respect it and I can see when it is appreciated. Since I did a couple of college courses and learned to work practically with both my hands and my mind, I’ve become someone who takes a lot of pride in their work. Almost like a perfectionist (as if there was such a thing…), I take my time to ensure that each job is finished to the best of my own ability. It may be of a different standard to others but, it is my personal best, which I believe is something we should each be aiming for (yes, I’ve blogged about this before).

My attention to detail, the overall quality of my work and the skill that I clearly possess; this is what I am regularly praised for the most.

Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

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