Day 13 – A Band or Artist that has Gotten you Through Some Tough Ass Days (Write a Letter)

Well, it probably comes as no surprise to the majority of people reading this which band I’ve chosen to write this letter to… 😉 I might even write a second letter though, as there is another (solo) artist who has helped and inspired me throughout the last nine-years since I first discovered his own music away from the band he is (was) commonly associated with.

Day 13 – A band or artist that has gotten me through some tough ass days

Dear Incubus,

How do I say this… I just don’t know!

Ever since I first heard you guys on MTV2 in the UK (it was ‘Pardon Me‘), I wanted to know everything about you and your music. You weren’t as ‘angsty’ as many of the ‘nu-metal’ bands that I was listening to at the time and, when I discovered ‘Make Yourself‘ and then ‘S.C.I.E.N.C.E.‘, I realised that you were a genuine band with so much to offer in your lyrics and sound alike.

Morning View‘ was the first album of yours that I actually owned (a Christmas present that year) and it remains a favourite to this day. There have always been great bands with great musicians capable of creating great music and sound but, in my opinion, your lyrics have always offered so much more. There’s great depth, feeling and meaning to your words and, I imagine I mostly have Brandon to thank for that (the inspiration for the title of this blog, no surprise there!).

I can’t think of any days of my life in particular but, your words and your music have kept me going on days where the light has faded. Take ‘Drive‘, as a prime example and possibly my favourite song; ‘Whatever tomorrow brings I’ll be there‘… I may not always welcome a new day and experiences with open arms but, I don’t stop in life. I keep moving and try to push forward. Seriously, when I die, I want this song to be played at my funeral.

One day, I’ll have to make a better effort to come and see you guys play live. Another year is ending (some believe it to be our last!) and I know you guys are back on a ‘hiatus’ right now but, when you’re next touring in the UK, I’ll be there!! As a band, you’ve had your own highs and lows but, like many others, I’m still behind you and I do regard ‘I Not Now, When?‘ to be one of your finest. I like where you currently are, musically.



Dear John Frusciante,

It’s a privilege to be able to sit down and write this letter to you. Since I discovered your first solo album no less than ten-years after its release, I’ve been encapsulated by your own work, having followed you for several years previously as a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Okay, so, that one album didn’t quite resonate with me but, I soon discovered ‘To Record Only Water for Ten Days‘ and ‘When Shadows Collide with People‘ – let’s just say that I still listen to both of these albums on a regular basis!

You’re a true inspiration. I once read somewhere that, during your lowest time in the mid-90s, you had less than one-eighth the blood your body needed while you were deep in a dark world of heroin addiction. I don’t know how you survived but, you did. Less than a decade later (in 2004), there you were, releasing six solo albums within the space of six-months!! Some were very brief but, each was significantly different to the last. I’m also a huge fan of your work with Ataxia.

I didn’t know of him before you started working together but, I’m convinced that Josh Klinghoffer (your ‘Successor‘) is a better guitarist for everything you’ve shared together. Dave Navarro couldn’t replace you but I see Josh as the closest thing to an ‘ideal’ replacement.

You’ve been in some very dark and lonely places and many of your songs (to me) clearly reflect that. This is something that we can all relate to; so many of us have faced difficult times in our lives and now, we will always have your music. It’s not ‘depressing’ like Radiohead and I wouldn’t know where to begin to define and categorise your style; I wouldn’t even want to!

I’d like to thank you for everything you have achieved in the time since you very nearly lost it all. You’re an inspiration to thousands, maybe even millions of people and, it is because of you that I am slowly looking to pick up the guitar. I’d love to be able to play ‘Time Goes Back‘ on my acoustic and I do need to check out your two recent releases.


Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

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