Two Hills in One Day!

I must admit that I’m neglecting my 30 Days of Truth Challenge at the moment. Partly because of how low my mood was for the past couple of days but, even today, after conquering two giant hills and feeling much better, I’m unable to think of one thing that people never seem to compliment me on (Day 12).

That’s not to suggest that I receive total praise and credit where it’s due. I just can’t think of it right now.

So, let’s have a look at where I’ve been today…

Crook Peak, from a distance.

First up was Crook Peak near Winscombe, which is not something I’d intentionally noticed from either of my other recent destinations in the Mendip area. It might well have been visible; I just can’t recall it standing out like some of the others.

It gets its name from the shape of the peak, I think. This was following a guided walk that started along Wavering Down, before leading back down to the road. Stomping along the concrete for a little while led me to a bridle path up in to King’s Wood (there’s a car park near here, if you’re only interested in that). Fortunately, you have a choice here between the fiendishly steep path and one that remains quite level and constant around the outside. But, if you’re heading over Barton Hill and all the way to the Crook then, you’re going to have to climb some hills at some point!

King’s Wood

Passing a load of horses on Cross Plain was strangely comfortable. I would’ve expected them to have reacted more but, I guess they’re all used to it by now.

Cross Plain – The National Trust

After reaching the Peak and taking in the views from all around, I set my eyes on my next target; Brent Knoll Hill (…Of course, what I actually mean is that I also studied this route in the morning before I left – Google Street View really is a godsend!). On the way down from Crook Peak, I did fall over my ankle while trying to check my e-mails on my phone… It hurt and I was limping for a minute but, it seems fine now. I’ve learnt another lesson there!!

Road to Brent Knoll

I wasn’t certain of where I could and could not park but (this is the guide I followed), I wasn’t there for much more than an hour so, it didn’t seem to matter on this occasion. It was a fairly easy walk and I’m glad that I reached this place that I was viewing over a week ago from Cheddar. If you ever head up the M5 or A38 near Burnham-on-Sea then, it’s clearly visible as you drive past.

Brent Knoll Hill.

I wanted to sit up there for longer and to relax a bit (as I did last Saturday) but, the wind up there really was very strong and I could feel the chill coming from it. I sent May a text asking her to send me a wave as she lives locally and she texted back straight away to say that she was waving. That was very warming. 🙂

As usual, I have plenty more pics than I can squeeze on to a single page, here…

For the rest of the photos, please click: Crook Peak and Brent Knoll Hill.

2 comments on “Two Hills in One Day!

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