Day 16 – Someone or Something You Definitely Could Live Without

I’ve been sat here for the last hour (after walking the dog for some fresh air and inspiration), trying to complete a 360-word first chapter for the short story I’m working towards with my evening course. I’ve fallen short by about 130 words (very unlike me – perhaps it’s because I’m writing this in the first person of my character?) and, well, I’ve turned to taking a break before lunch and I find myself here, attempting a new challenge on a new day… After having already checked my e-mails and Facebook! 😛

There are definitely times where I feel I could live without my dad. In truth, I’ve been doing this for most of the last nine-years. I’m not seeking anything ’emotional’ from him but he is ‘useful’ when I need to get my van serviced or something and, occasionally, when I need a hand moving stuff. But, there are plenty of garages around locally that I could use and get to know and, if I had more friends then, I’d automatically have more helping hands. 🙂

Most of these day challenges have been focused around people so, today, I’d like to try and focus on something rather than someone…

Day 16 – Something I Could Definitely Live Without

There is something that can to mind immediately when I thought about this one and that’s meat!

Two of the women I’ve met through internet dating this year have been vegetarian (even though, one admits she cannot resist the lure of a bacon sandwich!) and, spending a bit of time with ‘Jan’ earlier this year taught me that quorn food doesn’t taste too bad. It’s not the same as true meat but, is supposed to be healthy.

Even now, I pick up quorn meals from the supermarket now and again – if anything, it’s more of a distraction from those unhealthy ready meals. I’m not saying that I’m prepared to stop eating meat altogether and become a total veggie but, after handling an uncooked chicken recently and simply placing it in the oven (the wrong oven, I might add, as I’d preheated the one above!!), I felt quite sick inside. I couldn’t bare the sight, feel or texture of this featherless, decapitated bird, with its legs just dangling there.

It still tasted nice once it was cooked and, I still enjoy my bacon sarnies, plus the occasional sausage and burger at a barbecue. I think what I’m getting at is that, I am willing to sacrifice a small part of myself in order to be with someone special. Perhaps even just to make others happy. I’m not signalling my intent; this is merely my appreciation for the fact that I could.

Now, I really should try and get back to this writing but, my stomach’s rumbling… 🙂

2 comments on “Day 16 – Someone or Something You Definitely Could Live Without

  1. escapingdarkness says:

    We went meat free at home a couple of months ago, except for bacon sometimes. We eat fish still. We will eat meat when we eat out at a restaurant or a BBQ if we feel like it. Kat

  2. Monday says:

    I can’t give up meat. I give a hand to anyone who can!

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