I’ve noticed that several other bloggers (quite a few, in fact) have Facebook pages relating to their blogs and I’m wondering whether I should consider one for my own blog.

As I understand it, you create the page under your Facebook account but, it does not have to connect with your profile page. The two can remain separate so that your identity is protected.

Okay, so, I kind of ‘know’ this because I’ve done it with another blog… But, someone there once told me that his blog once ‘accidentally’ planted a new post update on to his profile page! Chances are, the average person wouldn’t notice but, as you can imagine; I’d like to keep this private from the majority of my Facebook friends.

I see it as another way of sharing and perhaps interacting with other blog pages on Facebook. Kind of like Twitter; a tool for promoting a blog. Is there anything I’m missing?

What are your thoughts on utilising Facebook and, if you do this already, have you had any awkward experiences?

4 comments on “Facebook?

  1. yeah do it and then link to it via widgets in settings

  2. Hi, I personally don’t really like Facebook, as I think i’ve said before, it makes me paranoid, although different people will have different experiences, and if you’d like to be on there, and can maintain a separate identity which I know can be an issue with me sometimes as well, then go for it! Good luck!

  3. Hellosailor says:

    Yep, on my “real” Facebook some posts that I liked here got put on my news feed, and I didn’t realise. I freaked out! What if someone traced it back to me!!!!??? I deleted “real” FB and just have a Le Sailor account, with the people I trust, in the real world and blog land, and that connects to my “page”. If something accidentally goes wrong and gets posted, I trust the people there, where as “real” FB had all the people from school in the 90’s who I wasn’t really friends with anyway.
    I’ll shut up now. Let us know what you decide 😉 xxo

    • Thank you, it’s actually reassuring to hear that someone else has experienced this (I was concerned it might’ve been a one off with someone hitting the wrong key or something).

      I’ve not yet noticed it with my other blog but I will now consider setting up a false profile to go with it. That sounds very wise. 🙂

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