Phone Shopping

This blog is already personal with regards to my feelings, thoughts and emotions so, I don’t see why I can’t also delve in to other areas that I’m interested in (it helps to lighten the mood at times).

For most of this year, I’ve been thinking about how ‘nice’ it might be to have a new phone. My Nokia 7230 is only two-years old but, it seems to be so far behind technology. I’m quite active on the internet and I see this as a reason to consider upgrading. I might then make better use of Twitter, I’d be able to instantly share photos with friends on Facebook and, I might even be able to stay in touch with readers and fellow bloggers during my lunch breaks. My current phone does have internet access but, it’s very slow and you have to use the buttons to move the mouse pointer/cursor (as it’s not included in my contract plan though, I really shouldn’t bother using it to try and read e-mails – last month, I ended up doubling my bill through internet usage!)

It’s been on my mind for a while but, I feel a bit ‘lost’ in the world of smart phones, androids and all that… What really separates at iPhone from the rest of the competition?

It was after reading this article on Yahoo just now that I felt compelled to blog about it and hopefully get some views and opinions from those more knowledgeable on the subject.

This article lists two phones that seem to be exclusive to network service providers, unless I’m misunderstanding. I’d prefer to stick to what I know or, perhaps even to go for an unlocked, sim-free option. My current contract (which expires in the new year) is with Vodafone. Where I live, the signal isn’t that great so, it’s possible that I may want to try 3 Mobile at some point (from the comparisons I did last year, they offered by far the best coverage for mobile broadband in my area).

If we’re to focus on the items listed in the article then, that leaves me with three choices:

Nokia Lumia 710

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

iPhone 3GS

I should provide some form of budget here as I’m not looking to rush out and buy the very best and latest (with is possibly the iPhone 5 we’ve been hearing a lot about these last few weeks). You know how it often goes; you buy it now, only to find it’s ‘out of date’ in a few months and you’re wanting to upgrade again. I’m trying to be realistic and, if I had to buy a sim-free phone of eBay (for example) then, I’d be looking to spend less than £200 (Christmas bonus coming later this year).

Apart from my very first phone twelve-years ago (which was a Sagem), I’ve had three Nokia phones that I’ve been satisfied with. Touch-screen technology is important to me and, as I’ve said; I like some of these internet-access features. I don’t know if I’d use the apps or anything (to be honest, my phone never rings and it’s rare that I ever send or receive a text these days) but I am curious about the brands and manufacturers I don’t know. So, right now, I’d say I’m leaning towards one of the other two.

Later on today, I’ll try to spend some time reading reviews online (my dog needs a walk). I’ll also try to write a post on the things I’ve grateful for in my day-job (there’s a big clue to the first one, given that it’s Friday afternoon and I’m sat here typing this… ;-)).

Does anyone out there have any experience of any of these three phones?

Do you think there is another (within my budget) that I should consider? Is it worth paying slightly more?!

What about operating systems…

The big three appear to be Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Apple’s iOS.

Do you have any experiences of these?

Thank you all for your time. 🙂

7 comments on “Phone Shopping

  1. meandanxiety says:

    I’ve only used iOS and RIM, so can’t help that much. But I much prefer iOS to my Blackberry if I’m honest. My sister has an android and she says it’s good if that helps.

  2. Roxy says:

    I’ve used iOS and android, and I can tell you that iOS totally beats android, in fact, android is just a slower, crashy, buggy version of iOS. My iPhones have lasted way longer than any android phone I’ve ever had. Yes, it’s more expensive, yes, iOS has it’s problems, but it’s worth it because I buy less phones since I’ve had iPhones.
    You’ll get people disagreeing with what I’m saying, however, personally, there is no way I’d ever go back to android, you couldn’t pay me to do so haha.
    Have a look at iphone 4s, I bought the 32gb one from ebay for £300, I’m sure you could get the 16gb for less, and I bought it when it was still brand new, so around now, you’ll get people selling their 4s’s because they’ve upgraded to iphone 5.
    I used to love nokia, but unfortunately, they dont make them like they used to.It’s like they gave up when iPhones took off.

    • Thank you, Roxy, for your thoughts. 🙂

      One common criticism I’ve noticed is that some users don’t like being ‘confined’? I think it’s a reference to using on Apple software.

      I have an iPod and I prefer that to my other MP3 player.

      • Roxy says:

        If it helps, I buy all my mp3’s and stuff from amazon, not iTunes, then all you have to do to get them on your phone is copy and paste into itunes, then, you’re not confined because mp3’s and so forth from amazon will run on anything and you can use them on non apple devices. 🙂 Pro tip. 🙂 Plus amazon mp3’s are cheaper. I bought 4 albums for £15 the other day 😀

      • Wow, that is news to me, thank you! 🙂

  3. I have an HTC phone (which runs android) and I’m pretty happy with it. I would rather have an iphone (if money were no object) but for the cheaper price, my HTC still does everything I need it to (and more.) Good luck on your phone hunt, hope you find one that’s good for you!

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