It’s the weekend but, this morning I’m thinking about work. It’s a place I’ve never truly enjoyed being, for five-days a week or even for less but, it’s a necessity of life. Through counselling, I’ve come to understand that my current job does affect my self-esteem. I’ve never been ‘happy’ or perfectly content in any job but, I feel that I have been in situations where I’ve felt better about myself and the people I work for.

Today’s post (my first of the day) is going to focus on each of the positives in my current role, without telling you exactly what I do! 🙂

My weekend officially began at lunchtime yesterday and, that in itself is a huge benefit – we’re only obliged to work half a day on Fridays! It does mean working for nine-hours the other four days but, it’s a small price to pay for a weekend extension. If I could, I’d work even longer on the other days just to have a three-day weekend.

It’s only a fifteen-minute drive from where I live and it’s away from the city. Starting at 7am means I miss loads of traffic too. I was delayed last week by the extreme flooding we had but that’s about the worst from it, apart from the one-day (in less than eighteen-months) where I overslept…

Yes, I have only overslept the once in this job. In both of my previous roles, I worked a varying shift pattern and, in some cases, missed an entire shift (if not just the first two hours) where I didn’t hear my alarm at 4.30am or earlier.

We have regular breaks during the day – one at 10am (15 minutes), one at 12.30 (30 minutes) and another at 15.00 (fifteen minutes). I’ve worked in other places where you get less and not even ten-minutes for your shorter breaks. I spent a long time working at a firm where we had thirty minutes in the morning but it was too much and the afternoon (after lunch) just dragged. I’ve since been able to appreciate the benefits in having shorter, sparse break times.

This job I do is practical and it’s quite relevant to my qualifications. It doesn’t fulfil my potential and I’m not able to use even a fraction of what I know and have learnt elsewhere but, I take pride in my work and I’m able to work to a higher standard than most. I can also get things done quickly, where others choose not to and to deliberately waste time (my morals, my beliefs).

We get free cups of tea and coffee during our breaks (that’s standard) but, we also have a coffee machine outside of the canteen and we’re allowed a limited number of free drinks from there each day. I don’t personally use this as too much caffeine makes me tired and instead, I used the cooler to refill my bottle of water.

Our normal finishing time is 16.00, which does help again with the traffic-avoidance situation (I usually stay on and work a bit extra though). It also allows me to get in to Bristol in good time for my evening course.

When you make a mistake, people don’t criticise you. We all share a laugh and a joke – it’s humiliating but, I’ve been insulted for making even small mistakes in the past and it is nice to find a place where it is accepted that mistakes do happen (with some, it’s more frequent than others but, I’ve become one of the first to spot them!).

Generally, I work with a good range of people. They’re all much older than me but, they’re easy to get along with. One or two bother me at times but, it’s not enough for me to say that I ‘hate’ them (I’ve felt that elsewhere). I don’t have many good words to say about the management here but then, it’s always been that way, wherever I’ve worked! 🙂

It’s a job where we’re pretty busy for most of the year. It went very quiet after Christmas last year but, it did pick up again eventually, which isn’t bad considering the ongoing economic situation around the world. So, there’s generally plenty to do and I’m able to get on with and get stuck in to things, with little time spare to over think and indulge in negative thoughts.

I’m sure there are other positives and I might add them to the list at a later date. This is all I could come up with in the last ten-minutes or so and I think it is enough for now.

Now, I’m trying to decide on what to do today… I was planning to go out on another walk and, although a clear sunny day has been forecast, we did have a lot of rain last night, which started in the late afternoon and continued through the evening. I don’t many places have had a chance to dry out after last week’s floods and, looking out of my window, it does look very damp out there.

2 comments on “Work

  1. I’m intrigued to know what your job actually is!!

    • Brandon Bored says:

      Ha, I’m reluctant to reveal too much here, Ellie… 😉

      It involves manufacturing and assembly work. If you really want to know more, e-mail me. 🙂

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