Day 20 – Your Views on Drugs and Alcohol

Perhaps it’s worth mentioning at the start that I have never dabbled with drugs (apart from prescribed anti-depressants) and that I officially gave up drinking a few six-years ago (even though, one lowly weekend in July left me forcing a bottle of red wine down my throat). So, my views in this one aren’t likely to be the most positive…

Day 20 – My Views on Drugs and Alcohol

When it says ‘drugs’, I think I’m right in assuming that they mean illegal substances (cocaine, heroin, etc.). Obviously, these are illegal (across most nations) for a very good reason and so, they should be avoided. I would try not to judge someone I knew who was caught up in any kind of addiction involving substance abuse but, I’d hope they were able to seek and find the help they’d require to recover.

Need I say any more? I could easily quote an infamous line and character from South Park, here… But, I won’t!

Alcohol, however, is perfectly safe, when consumed in moderation. I dislike the taste and find it very hard to swallow because of that but, that’s me. Some people seem to enjoy it, others see it almost as a recreational way of life… It can help in social situations but, I’ve also see the affects of what consuming too much alcohol can do to a person’s health.

I strongly feel that the world and its leaders could do a lot more to try and stem the growth of problems like binge drinking and drug abuse, especially amongst the younger generations. We live in a world that can be harsh and depressing. Sometimes, it is easier for people to turn to drink as a way of ‘forgetting’ all the doom and gloom surrounding our every day lives. It’s not always personal, either. Quite often, these feelings can be bought on by glancing at a news paper or by listening to the news in the background. It’s a form of escape but, it’s not always easy for someone suffering to find their way back.

I almost wonder why this doesn’t ask for one’s opinion on smoking as well… As far as I can see though; for as long as someone somewhere can make money from it, there will never be an end to the supply. I mean, we’ve all been made aware of just how bad smoking is to our health and that manufacturers are being encouraged to ‘frighten’ customers with their packaging… Why not simply remove it from the shelves?!

3 comments on “Day 20 – Your Views on Drugs and Alcohol

  1. reflectionsonlifethusfar says:

    Well to comment on why the cigarettes and alcohol aren’t removed from shelves, apart from people enjoying them, the government makes loads of money off the revenue. Here, in Canada, we’ll never see the end of sales of alcohol, tobacco and gambling as long as the government is getting a piece of the pie. The gaming corp. provides money for health care and maintaining roads! I bet the tobacco and alcohol revenue goes back into healthcare too! Ironies of ironies.

    I’m not sure how it is in Britain but if it’s anything like Canada your government is benefiting too much from revenue to stop all sales of said substances. I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs (aside from antidepressants) so I don’t care if the stuff is taken away or not. But it is kind of pitiful that we’re getting our social welfare looked after by “sin taxes” (here in Canada).

  2. Here is Australia, cigarettes are not allowed to be on display, they have to be in a closed compartment and they recently were made to have plain packaging. Im not sure if they have actually started the plain packaging yet. Most people I know that did smoke, dont anymore and when we go out to pubs or bars, you arent allowed to smoke in them, so havent noticed.

    • Plain packaging was also implemented here in the UK some time ago (well, I don’t buy or shop for the things; I’ve only briefly read about it). I don’t know what kind of effect it had but a smoking ban in public places has been in force for some time. Even in places where you work or study, there has to be a designated smoking area. It’s certainly made these environments more pleasant for everyone else but, I can’t imagine it’s influenced many people towards breaking the habit. I know of at least TWO people who’ve started smoking since, simply because they don’t like being left alone inside when their friends or other half has to step outside to light up!

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