Day 28 – What if You Got Someone Pregnant, What Would You Do?

Wow! That’s a big question for a Sunday morning!!

Day 28 What I Would Do if I Got Someone Pregnant

I can safely say that it hasn’t happened already so, I cannot speak from experience on this one.

My short answer would be that I’d ‘do the right thing‘. I mean, I would never go around impregnating random people. It would have to be in a relationship situation, where we’ve both previously discussed the possibility of introducing a child of our own in to this world. Right now, I do not know if I want kids (even on) at any point in my life. Isn’t that the sort of thing women primarily focus on? It’s far and away from the forefront of my mind. I sometimes think it might be easier to adopt some day. Plus, you get extra ‘karma’ points for giving some unfortunate soul a second chance in life! 🙂

But, that isn’t what the question is asking. So, I’m going to assume that I’ve just discovered that my future girlfriend is pregnant…

As it would be something we’d planned for, I would therefore be happy. At the same time, I’d also be aware that, a few months down the line, our home life would become much harder as she enters maternity leave and I would be the one having to work and look after both of us (including the bundle of joy growing inside my other half).

What I would not do is what my dad apparently did in this situation with me… Run away!

Yep, he’d disappear for weeks at a time, leaving my mum in all sorts of worry and stress. She didn’t always know exactly where he went but, if often seemed to involve some form of alcohol and, even, drugs. Occasionally, the police would call round to say that they’ve found his abandoned van, flipped over on its side. On one occasion, an officer driving past awoke him from the side of the road. This sort of behaviour was frequent in the early years of their relationship and he disappeared again, for two-weeks, around the time of my birth.

I would never abandon my child or partner. I can understand some of the fear associated with the future ahead but still, I find it hard to understand how you could so deeply hurt somebody that you love.

I wouldn’t run away. Whatever was needed, I would try my best to provide because, that’s all I can do.

2 comments on “Day 28 – What if You Got Someone Pregnant, What Would You Do?

  1. If we all tried to do our best, the world would be a better place. Ilike your attitude.

  2. howanxious says:

    Nice… Your full support is what you can offer at such a time.

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