Weird Baby-Ghost Dream

I’ve been lying in bed all morning, under the covers, listening to music on my iPod as I try to remember this dream I had last night. I did actually start today off with a warm shower and a bacon sandwich but, it seems like the slightest feeling of cold air around my feet can be enough to trigger my anxiety at the moment… I do feel kind of tired as well, which is another excuse for not going out on a walk today (the first time I’ve had a rest on a Saturday since August). But then, I spent all of yesterday afternoon (after work) doing the same thing; occasionally moving over to the laptop to keep an eye on Facebook and, as much as I hate to admit it, trawling the dating sites for anyone even remotely interesting who stands out from the rest of the crowd…

Tomorrow morning, I will make a better effort to go out somewhere. These feelings and fears of ‘eternal loneliness’ or a ‘life without intimacy’ keep coming back to haunt me, especially on a weekend where I have no plans to see anyone socially.

Back to this dream…

I was at home with the family. It was warm but almost dark around us, as if someone had deliberately dimmed the lights but, it was as if life was always this way at home. I vaguely remember reading or hearing about a ‘haunting’ or ‘ghost story’ during the dream and, later that night, I discovered that we were being haunted by a large baby. It had a face quite similar to the mechanical-baby-spider in Toy Story – at least, it was as pronounced; not the kind of site you could avoid. Not terrifying but, creepy in the Ju-On/The Grudge sense. It had all four limbs in tact and would crawl around and I also remember it being able to talk. It had an accomplish working under its instruction (I assumed the baby was female, for some reason). I cannot remember ‘her’ words but they were loud and clear at the time (in near-baby talk though, I must admit).

It would slowly crawl around the corner but, I can’t remember what else it really did. I have a feeling that it was trying to control, manipulate or punish us in some way physically, without actually coming in to close contact. Later in the dream, I saw my opportunity run and made an escape through the back door, out the back gate and up the drive. It was hardly discreet, with doors slamming behind me and, before I’d made it to the pavement, I heard the baby cry to ‘Go and get him!‘ or ‘Bring him back!‘. I knew what was coming and decided to fly away, high in to the sky. Immediately after leaving the ground though, I realised that this wasn’t going to help my escape at all. As I turned around, the head of a wolf (I wanted to say werewolf) fly up behind and grabbed me, dragging me back down and in to the house.

This is only as much as I can remember but I was genuinely frightened being in the house with that oversized child. She wasn’t obese or anything, just significantly larger than your average human adult. I can now remember lying in bed at the start of the dream, with the covers up over my head – it felt very much like that scene in The Sixth Sense, where a ghost moves along the hallway. He was in the bathroom, I was in a bed. It wasn’t my bed, but a fold-out sofa-bed thing that we owned many years ago. It was a downstairs room in the house but, most definitely not my current bedroom.

Earlier in the day (this is real), one of the guy’s I work with was telling about all the paranormal things he experienced during his week away in Cornwall. Apparently, they stayed in a place that was once visited by the Most Haunted crew and they, themselves, experienced several very strange goings-on during their nights there. They even had a photo (taken on an evening) of a UFO (unidentifiable bright light) shining in the sky. I’ve seen that and, it looks impressive, whatever the heck it is.

So, already, we have some ‘inspiration’ for my dream last night. He also told me about his childhood, growing up in the haunted pub that belonged to his parents. Of how he could often hear his baby sister (alone, in her room) having a conversation with someone years before she was able to talk properly. Another story was off a flood in the kitchen that didn’t sink through and in to the pub below. It was only when he opened the door that it escaped, running all the way down the stairs. When the family moved out and sold the pub, the new occupants didn’t stay long before closing up and selling. Apparently, a medium once visited the pub and revealed that the ghost of a young girl had befriended my work mate’s sister and that she was missing her, causing upset to the next family.

So, I think that some comparisons and conclusions can also be drawn from that as well. Why this dream decided to manifest itself to me in the way it did though, I do not know. I’m sure there is a deeper meaning in it all somewhere.

I may have mentioned this before on this blog but, I’ve never been a great believer in ghosts, as I’ve never knowingly seen anything first-hand. I know plenty of people who have and/or claim to so, I am open to believing what it seems that only others are able to see. Maybe that’s just it? Honestly, I don’t know if I could handle the fright, even if they did mean no harm.

4 comments on “Weird Baby-Ghost Dream

  1. howanxious says:

    I have had such vivid dreams- they scare the hell out of me, not because they are frightening but because it becomes difficult to persuade myself to the fact that I am dreaming. Weird, huh?
    Hope you are doing well.

  2. I have weird dreams all the time.. I think it is from my meds. Kat

  3. andiekins82 says:

    such an honest post from beginning to end…I love your blog!

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