Walking the (Sky)Line

It was still foggy when I got up this morning but, that was mostly in the outdoors. Inside, my head was still a little down but, with no definite rain clouds in sight or forecast until the late afternoon, I decided to get up and make something of the day by making my long-awaited return to the beautiful city of Bath. Last time I was there was back in April; six-months ago now. I’d arranged to meet a friend from a dating site and, although the day went okay and we got to see a few places around the city, well, the friendship didn’t last and we’ve not been in contact since the end of July.

Today was about walking and site-seeing; following the six-mile trail as outlined by the National Trust. It is a beautiful city and, although I’ve only been there twice now, I do prefer it to Bristol. I’d like to spend more time there, if I do ever end up meeting someone special who is strong enough to leave her past behind and move on…

I usually do a bit of ‘research’ using Google Street View to find out where these walks start and end. In this case, I also wanted to look in to car parking options, as I’m certainly not aware of any ‘free’ parking spaces anywhere close to the city centre. I ended up parking in the multi-storey at Southgate. It’s only after driving past the entrance twice that you realise this city isn’t mapped out for instant one-way returns… I’ve not yet found that with Bristol. My walk started on a footpath that leads off from Bathwick Hill and, having been to the Holburne Museum before, I could recognise that this hill was only a little bit back down the road from there.

Another day for wellies!

Most of the walk seemed to be well set-out with all the route markers, posts and arrows. It’s only when you come to a road of lane that you really need to consult a map or guide, as the direction from there isn’t always indicated. Credit to the National Trust though, for doing such a thorough job.

It was a foggy start to the day but, by the time I arrived in Bath (and parked up – late morning), most of the mist had lifted and was now only present on the higher hills, leaving the city clear for viewing. You can get some very good views over this beautiful city and it will certainly be worth returning here on a brighter day. I’m sure there were many landmarks that I didn’t intentionally set out to spot with my camera. I recently payed to join a local walking group and, if the opportunity arose to lead a walk somewhere, I would feel comfortable allowing others to follow in my footsteps – that’s how clearly identified this trail is! 🙂

There seemed to be more glimpses of nature along this walk than what I’ve experienced in some other places. Aside from the ‘obligatory‘ farm animals, a squirrel ran off ahead of me towards the end of the walk but, I did manage to capture this bird in a tree, near Rainbow Wood Farm.

I used to have a fear of passing cows in a field. When I was younger and walking my dog, they’d often begin to follow us along the common land we used to live near. It was quite scary, not knowing their intentions. Plus, my dog was going nuts, which never helped the situation! Apparently, you should never run when cows do follow you, as they will only give chase!! Anyway, I’m over all that now and every cow I’ve passed on my walks this month has been harmless.


Now, I’ve seen dogs chasing their own tails but, that was a first for me!! 😀

More credit to the National Trust for addressing the state of this footpath through Bathampton Woods. Really though, they should’ve put up another sign saying ‘TURN AROUND‘… Again, I managed to stay on my feet but, it made a mess of my boots and I had to find a pile of leaves to clean them off before returning to the shopping centre (I took the stairs, rather than a lift, in case I had to share the smell without anyone!)

Close to the golf course, if you look carefully, you can find this, even though it requires a slight detour away from the walking route:

A Castle? In Bath???

Believe it or not, it is only a SHAM castle; built only to “improve the prospect” from Ralph Allen’s town house in Bath (see here)! Quite similar to the ‘folly’ castle in Bristol than I’ve visited twice now.

Bathampton Sham Castle

This walk ends on a road adjacent to where it started and, on my walk back to the car park in the city centre, I began by descending the hill I had initially climbed but the, decided to be bold and take a detour following the run of the canal.

It was certainly more pleasant that braving the roads and student-like pedestrians who seemed to be everywhere today. As I stopped to photograph the swans you see below, an ‘untidy’ man (I’m reluctant to say tramp, just in case he isn’t), with his dog running free, asked me to take a photo of him… I smiled but walked away, even after he insisted. I don’t know the guy or what could’ve happened next!

I managed to capture some ducks as well:

They first swam over to me, perhaps expecting food but, my lunch box had already been ’emptied’ by this time.

To see the rest of my photos, please click here.

According to the Trust, this is a six-mile walk. Now the one I did on Saturday was 7½ miles long and I completed that in around 2½ hours. Today’s route took almost three hours, excluding time spent walking to and from the car park… How does that work? This route was fairly ‘flat’, with fewer hills than before. I took a lot of photos but, I didn’t get lost. I don’t know! 🙂 I would’ve liked to have spent more time taking photos around the city, including the Abbey but, it was getting close to rush-hour and I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I’m able to return to this city with someone… £5.40 of car parking very well spent! 🙂

6 comments on “Walking the (Sky)Line

  1. Hi, very nice pics, thanks for sharing

  2. […] It was still foggy when I got up this morning but, that was mostly in the outdoors. Inside, my head was still a little down but, with no definite rain clouds in sight or forecast until the late aft…  […]

  3. Hi Brandon, this is for your wonderful picture-and-writing posts which make me want to visit more places, and because you never give up.
    I have nominated you for the “very inspiring blogger award”, you can read more about it here: http://wp.me/p2DUBF-7H
    Lots of love, Ellie xx

    • Ellie,

      Thank you for your nomination! On a cold, wet evening with darkness filling the air outside, this news has news has helped to keep my head above the water tonight. 🙂

      You can do it, too. Just go at your own pace. Maybe start with something ‘small’ and local, maybe somewhere you already know and see how it goes from there. 🙂

      • You’re welcome 🙂 And yes will definitely give it a go! Planning to go round the castle in Lancaster at some point, and there’s some nice countryside areas nearby I think!

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