One Line Each (Writing)

It’s Wednesday night and I return to college tomorrow evening after a prolonged absence preceding half-term. So, that also means it’s homework night, being the defiant procrastinator that I am! 😛

Our initial task was to write a fictional scene of dialogue involving some form of conflict between two characters (much like a scene from Old Country for Old Men). I’ve run a couple of ideas through my head many times but have failed to get anything down on paper or, even, on the other side of the computer screen. I can’t visualise it and, despite all the spare time I’ve had to write something, it’s stressing me out too much (any stress is too much, in my opinion).

Instead, I’ve decided to attempt the ‘optional’ secondary homework and I’ll have this ready to share with the class tomorrow in less than twenty-four hours’ time…

We were asked to write a one-line description for people we would pass in a single day.

That’s it! Free to be read under your own interpretation. It sounds quite exciting but, in practice, it’s also rather challenging. I’ve compiled my own list below but I’m concerned but how ‘judgemental‘ it is in places. I assume we’re looking for more than the usual ‘tall, blue eyes, brown hair‘… At the same time, it’s a little difficult to write freely without the fear of how others might think or interpret what I’ve written.

You catch the scent him long before you see him.

It’s clear his day has only just begun.

A different day, a different polo shirt.

Young at heart with limbs beaten and bruised by age.

Follow the trail and you will find the biscuits!

Didn’t he used to be my dentist?

I hope he’s not the boss…

His haircut’s reminiscent of my old school headmaster.

In 2004, he helped Will Smith to save the world.

Slow and steady wins his face.

Many years hidden behind a beard.

These are mostly people that I work with and, I’m quite pleased with the fact that it almost reads like a poem. I’ve no idea if I’ve hit the mark here or what; I think the emphasis is again on ‘the exercise’, leaning towards the progression of character development. A few laughs first thing tomorrow evening and I’ll feel less anxious than I do right now. 🙂

9 comments on “One Line Each (Writing)

  1. Sparrow says:

    Find the biscuits!

  2. How did the homework task go? Was it a Success?

    • I’m quite ashamed to admit that I decided not to attend this evening (otherwise, I wouldn’t be here right now, writing this). It’s the second time I’ve missed one (2/12) and I just wasn’t feeling in the mood after work. I’ve not even contacted them to say that I wasn’t going to make it, which is bad.

      It is partly because of my anxious thoughts towards sharing and interacting with others (I haven’t been feeling at my best, lately).

      Not long ago, about ten minutes after I sat down, my lower back suddenly went and I’m sat here in a bit of pain and discomfort, waiting for it all to pass… Maybe it is fortunate that I’d stayed home after all but, this is another clear indication (to me) that I need to change my job!

      • I can understand; working and college can sometimes be physical and mental overload. We need to permit our brain and body ‘time out’ sometimes; lay those interjects of what we ‘must’, ‘should’ or ‘have’ to do, down!!

        Completely get what you are saying about ‘sharing and interacting with others’ and the anxious thoughts. I have had similar feelings since I was in school. I admit I hate it, though it happens less often now. Its like something else taking over how you feel and think; it’s debilitating, something deep within is blocking you, preventing you from living a full life.

        What works for me is pushing myself constantly, regardless of how anxious or under confident I might feel. Trying not to give into that inner voice, and not letting it win, control and dictate me, my life and how I see myself. It isn’t easy though, I know that, and some days its like being in Hell just feeling unable to go out and face the world. Yet, being in unknown or daunting situations can help boost your confidence, and change how you perceive yourself and others. Things are never as bad as we imagine them to be.

        Now I know my thinking is irrational. I ask; what am I being afraid of? People are just like me and full of their own insecurities, and no-one really pays that much attention to anyway (too busy with their own shit)! Am I going to even give a damn about what ‘fools’ think about me? Am I going to relinquish power over myself and my life to them? Hell no is the answer!

        I really empathise with you (not in a patronising way), and hope you can take something from my experience, and what I have written here. I hate seeing people go through this shit for nothing, and watch their life being taken over by it all.

        Big hugs to you!
        Bex 🙂

        P.S: Sorry if my reply is OTT, I have NO doubt I have rambled on TOO much.

      • Bex, thank you so much for your reply and also, for the hugs. 🙂

        There is certainly a lot that I can take from your own experiences and there are times when I feel I can push myself (when I’m out walking somewhere new, for example).

        I’ve tried to consider what it is I’m afraid of but, it’s difficult to pin-point. I’m unsure although, that approach can also help.

        Your reply is very welcome indeed. I think I needed it and I am very grateful. Don’t worry about ‘rambling’ on too much – I often do that myself! 🙂

        PS. What’s happened to your blog lately? I click the link from your profile but it says that it cannot be found?

      • Ah, no problem for the hugs, your welcome! 🙂

        I am just happy you can find some comfort and support in my words; I just hope they can help!

        I know, it is just fear for fear sake, it isn’t rational and I am the same. Sometimes I know what the fear is and other times I don’t (I just feel down about me). Its a time thing; also accepting that is how we are, but just work with it and around it as best as we can! Don’t let it stop you basically!!!

        I hoped you would see that you needed it, its easy to get stuck in our own minds. Which can be good, but also bad sometimes.

        OK, thanks for ‘free pass’ to ramble. I am in good company then!!

        Well, my blog still active and I am still writing. I have had an issue with the link, which confused me. It should be solved. Other WP users have told me they were having issues too, so I hope I have fixed it now. Anyway take a look, here is the link!!!
        Link to my page

        Best regards, take care,
        Bex 🙂

      • Thank you again, Bex. 🙂

        Yes, feeling down about myself is actually a good way to describe how I feel at times when I’m not sure what else is affecting me.

        That link does seem to work now. In fact, it was fine immediately after I posted my reply (d’oh!!) but, when I first tried last night; that was when the problem occurred.

        I look forward to catching up with your blog. 🙂

      • No problem at all 🙂

        Yeah, I think for me it is the root. I know it stems from being bullied from a young age 😦

        Oh, cool, so happy it works!! I feel relieved, as I was beginning to worry.

        Oh, thank you. I hope you do too, I think I have posted quite a bit since last I heard from you.

        Take care and big hugs (again), Bex 🙂

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