As I mentioned in my previous post that included a music (still) video, I’m hurting a bit today. I hold nothing against her for calling off our day out. I’m not upset with her personally; I’m just struggling to accept the emptiness I feel in the rest of my life (I can feel the tears coming as I type that so, it can’t be far off from the truth).

After (discreetly, as my mum was around) letting out a few tears for the first time in a long while (not to forget the many foot-lengths of snot – always, with the snot!!), I turned to my laptop for condolence. I must have cried for a good fifteen minutes and, then again, within that same hour…

Anyway, I felt a compulsive urge to return to the dating sites I’ve been ignoring for the past week or so since my six-month subcription to expired. I’d received a couple of e-mails offering renewal at a discounted rate and, yep, I decided to take up a three-month offer at 30% less than standard.

As I logged in, I noticed that I’d received ninety-five views since my last login on the 8th of November!! I’m not even sure if I came close to that within the previous six-months I’d paid for! Add to that, the e-mail I received a few days ago saying that someone had added me to their favourites and, well, you might imagine that I had something to look forward to…

Bassenthwaite and Scotland from the top of Dodd

Bassenthwaite and Scotland from the top of Dodd (Photo credit: Ed.ward)

It turned out that half of my viewers were based as far north as SCOTLAND!! One even came from Belfast! Sadly, there was no WeeGee from London 😉 but the majority of these new-viewers were in to their forties; almost twenty years my seniors! :-S

That ‘fan’ of mine no longer seemed to exist. I assume it was another temporary thing (just like the last one), where they changed their mind within twenty-four hours or, perhaps realised that they had only ‘favourited’ me whilst drunk! 😛 I suspect that my last wink came that way; received at half-past midnight on a Sunday morning…

Maybe it’ll be a good thing. I mean, I just joined that site for the first time a year ago and I’d like to think that other new faces will come looking for love in the run-up to Christmas this year as well. I must try harder not to become so ‘obsessive’ with it though… If I don’t hear from anyone or, receive an appealing match in my daily shortlist then, I’ll try to check the site and its membership only twice a week (at least once in between weekends). Otherwise, I’m really going to make myself ill.

It seems like a scam; flogging your profile to all and everyone in the hope that you’ll gain hope in the obscene number recent views to your profile during your absence, just to get cash from your fingers. If I can’t talk to women in the real world though, what hope do I have left online?

10 comments on “Match.Scam!

  1. dont rush it mate it will happen when you least expect it be it online or in the shops. Always harder to find the more you search for it…

    • Thanks, Garry. 🙂

      • reflectionsonlifethusfar says:

        I agree with Depressed Moose. The greater your urgency(desperation) for a mate the more likely you’ll end up with someone not so good for you. When you’re happy being alone that will be when you meet someone! Like attracts like so try to be happy in your own company then you might just find someone who’s happy with themselves too. Better to wait for love to happen naturally of its own accord.

      • Thank you, that does make good sense.

        “Do not seek the fly; the fly will come to you”, springs to mind. 🙂

  2. WeeGee says:

    Awww Brandon – Have a huge great big hug from WeeGee in London xx

    I agree with the ever wise Mr Moose – don’t put too much pressure on yourself and take your time. Internet dating is a funny old world, but I think you’ll have much more fun if you don’t take it too seriously. I have this thing that I’m trying to find my best friend and hoping that I end up falling in love with them in the fullness of time. I think that takes some of the pressure off. Don’t give up – you’re a lovely chappy and a lucky lady will snap you up, probably when you least expect it 😀

    • Thank you, WeeGee. I always appreciate the hugs. x

      I’ve thought about putting my profile up for review on here. Maybe I could try that? My photos aren’t great but, if people are actively viewing my profile before I’ve made any contact then, it’s hard to imagine that my appearance is off-putting.

      Maybe my anxieties shine through in my words?

      I’ve got my first walk with the group this morning so, I’m trying to hold on and stay strong for that right now. No more tears. 🙂

      • WeeGee says:

        How was walking this morning? Sounds fun. I think it might be a good idea to get some feedback on your profile. If you don’t want to post it feel free to email it to me. Either that or let me know your username on match and I’ll look you up that way. Maybe you could look at mine because it seems to invite a large number of innapropriate photos being sent to me :-/

      • Hi WeeGee,

        It was an enjoyable walk, thank you and I’ve just finished a post covering it.

        Okay, I’ll e-mail you my secret identity! 😉 Thank you. I’d be happy to look at yours but, from the women I’ve spoken to, it doesn’t necessarily matter what you put in your profile – some guys are plain outrageous, to say the least!!

        I might still post the details on here later but, I’d appreciate your feedback first. 🙂

  3. Monday says:

    I agree with the other authors here – love will come when you least expect it. Don’t try to rush it or force it. You seem like a great guy so just take this time to work on yourself and become a happier, healthier person. It will really attract the ladies! 🙂

    • Thank you, Monday. 🙂

      I’m aware that I’m more confident and honest about myself online and that shows here. I’ve always thought it would be the same on the dating sites but, maybe not.

      Later today, I might post the words from my profile in the hope that others can offer an honest critique… 😉

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