Please, help to share this post and spread the word to help those who are suffering. You don’t have to suffer in silence or on your own!

Just Me, Nobody Else

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Also see below the video if you need information about who to contact etc etc if you are suffering at the hands of Domestic Violence.

Warning – Could possibly trigger memories of your own Domestic Violence…be warned
My story suffering at the hands of a man for 4 years of violence and emotional/mental abuse
Freephone Helpline 24 Hours a day 0808 2000 247

Now I know men also suffer at the hands of domestic violence, so a link there to
Freephone Helpline 0808 801 0327

Are you suffering from Domestic Violence??
What are the signs? (this can apply to men to)

If a woman is forced to change her behaviour because she is frightened of her partner then she is being abused. If she is experiencing any of the following then it’s likely that she’s being abused:

  • Is he jealous…

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  1. Thanks for sharing Brandon, I missed this one in my reader. Best wishes

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