‘As Water Falls’ (Poem)

This is one of several poems I’ve written in the last few days as we were asked to write a poem to share with the writing class this evening. What I’m about to share with you know is the one I had intended to share with the class… But, the greater news is that I didn’t share this one. Instead, I shared the one I posted last night (‘Courage’) and it went down very well.

My tutor commented that I ‘describe a lot with very few  words’, or something to that effect. I also heard a definite ‘I like it!‘ from one of the others in the class! 😎

It was great to hear everyone else’s work and how, again, everyone had created and shared something different. I was worried that people  might think of mine as being a bit dark or something but, no other comments were made and it wasn’t as if people began to inch further away from me with their seats! 😉

We’ve got two weeks before (along with the others) I’m expected to share the short story I haven’t even begun to write yet. We also have another homework assignment and I really need to sit down and put myself in a position to write freely and in good time. I have bad habits that lead me towards blogging and e-mailing others that distract me from my work. No disrespect to any of you and please do not feel as though you may have to change anything; I’m the one who needs to stop procrastinating and leaving things until the final evenings when I’m already tired from work.

I manage to pick up on a few points in the story we read through tonight, which is good, considering I have such difficulty concentrating and remembering what I have read, especially when someone else is reading aloud. I feel kind of guilty sometimes as others seem to pick up on some much more. I never grasp it first time. If there’s one disappointment though, it’s that I didn’t seize a potential opportunity to help someone who asked the group for a lift to her car. No-one else was going that way and, although it would’ve meant a minor diversion on my journey home, I would’ve been happy to help. I felt it would’ve been awkward though as we’ve not even said hello and, to be fair, she seemed to direct her question to the other end of the room.

Still, I shouldn’t dwell on things like this. Please continue reading to see the poem that I was going to share:

If you’re in or have seen news from the UK recently then, you shouldn’t have to think hard about what my inspiration for this piece might have been… 😉

‘As Water Falls’

As water falls
Winds collide
Descending from the Heavens
Dispersed to the side

Rivers flow as
Banks burst
Nature at its worst

A force to contend with
We cannot control
Swimming for salvation
We’ll pass through this toll.

I wasn’t too sure about the last verse there and I did kind of lose interest part-way through. I kept returning to one of the other poems. I might also add that we weren’t expected to explain our poems in class, which was a bit of a relief. There was one guy who’d not written a poem before and I thought it was brilliant with so many details but also, it flowed.

Thoughts are already turning to what I might like to do in the new year, as listings for the Spring season courses have now been posted on their website. I was looking for an art course but, the one for charcoal and pastel work seems to be daytime only, which clashes with my job. There is the option of doing a one-day ‘workshop’ on a Saturday for some classes. I’m leaning towards a beginner’s course in guitar playing at the moment.


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    I love this 🙂

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