Poem: ‘My Yearning’

‘My Yearning’

Your head
Resting against mine
On our shoulders
We hold each other

Four arms
Wrapping us together
You rub my back
As I hold you closer

Concealing the warmth
Shelter from the cold
Sharing the love
As each day grows old

When words do not matter
No sound can disrupt
Time passes by
Just the two of us

Hair, entwined
A rainbow of colour
Our eyes do not meet
Until the moment’s just right

That feeling
I yearn for
Your memory
Cushioned within my heart


4 comments on “Poem: ‘My Yearning’

  1. andiekins82 says:

    wow! thank you for leading me here 🙂 quite similar pieces, yet we’ve never met…souls seeming to connect..I look forward to checking out more of your writing!

  2. kenthalcyon says:

    I love this post! so intricate and very good scene you present here! I like how you didn’t specify gender roles, therefore a broader audience is able to connect 😀 great job! Thanx for the follow xx – KH

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