What a good day I’ve had! 🙂

Until late last night, I was anticipating another ‘lonely’ day of walking around and exploring the local countryside with nothing more than my own company. But, after a late-night Facebook conversation, it became clear that my closest friend was keen to see me and for us to get out and do something together. We each had ideas of our own and would wait until the morning before making any decisions.

I was delighted to receive a text from her before I had a chance send one myself. Working spontaneously like that can actually be a good thing. From my own experiences, I can relate to how planning too much too far ahead can lead to anxious thoughts and feelings leading up to the event. That’s partly why I ‘failed’ to make arrive in time for my group walk yesterday.

Ashton Court Mansion

Today though, we were able to arrange a meeting place and later destination within a short space of time.

We met in the car park of a local garden centre and, before heading to our main destination for the day, decided to explore the interior, to see how they had set up for Christmas. To their credit, they’d done a lot of work and had gone to great lengths to impress and entertain. Overall, the layout of the centre had changed since the last time either of us had visited but, it was nice to be able to walk around and explore without buying anything. I think I nearly threw her to the ground when I ran over and greeted her with a hug and a bit of a spin but, she seemed to enjoy it! 🙂

We then went of to the Ashton Court Estate, which I first visited (alone) back in September. I didn’t take many new photos of my own but, if you’d like to see the deer I have added then, you can view them all in my Flickr album. It was her first time here and she was keen to get out and about exploring with her camera. We had a great time walking around, talking and generally catching up on things we’d missed in the past four-months.

In the Red Deer Park

Before leaving and, after having covered much of the estate, we settled in to the café for a drink before heading home. Speaking personally for me, this was a big moment, as I’d not been in here before and I knew I would have to confront someone in order to get the drinks. Not only did I do that confidently but, I also managed to find the correct change within my wallet! That’s a rarity… I usually either hand over nothing less than £1 coins or, I pay for everything by debit card where possible!

There were several moments along our walk that stood out for me. She’s a real joy to be around and I can’t deny that I am still attracted to her. Heading down through the red deer park, I asked her to hold on to me as we made our way down a slippery slope. She took the sleeve of my coat and I even put my arm around her back (without complaint) when the conditions became very slick with all the leaves laying on bare, sodden earth. It was nice. I’m not going to drive myself crazy by looking too far in to it; right now, I just accept that she appreciated it. Back to the café and, no sooner had we sat down (about 15.15), we were told that they were closing and we had to leave! I assume the estate closes at 16.00 these days, with the early evenings and wanting to ensure they lock up in time (then again, I sign on the driveway did say that the gates aren’t locked until 17.30…).

Red Deer

I await to see the photos she took uploaded on to Facebook. There are a couple of me making a slight fool of myself and I do hope I get tagged. It was nice that she took them without me having to ask. I would’ve liked to have taken some of her but, knowing what she’s been through very recently, I didn’t know how to ask. Right now, I’m concerned with being a good friend to her, because that is what she is to me. Yes, I do love her and I cannot hide my attraction to her. This just feels like it’s too soon to be too forward. She may only appreciate having me as a friend, for all I know. Sometimes, we look hard to see more than what lies in the naked truth.

We’ve both felt very good after the day and we look forward to seeing each other again before Christmas, with hope.

Why is that the most enjoyable days are oh-so short-lived?

9 comments on “Friends

  1. Linda says:

    so very happy for you, that you managed to arrange to see her. sounds like you had a lovely day and the photos certainly look good! I hope you get to see her again soon.


  2. Glad you had a lovely day! And I love the picture of the deer! 😀 xx

  3. Time flies whenever you are having fun!!!!!! It seemed to be a perfect day for you, which is good news. Oh, the deer pics are fab!!!

    Big hugs,
    Bex 🙂

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