Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Surprise’

On another first for today, I have entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge, where we’re asked to share an image that displays our own expression of the word ‘surprise’.

I’ve looked back through my catalogue of photos since starting this blog (as this might be my second straight weekend without a walk, taking a look outside) and I’ve found one from when I went for a walk across part of the Mendip Hills in October, only to find myself drifting towards the city of Wells in Somerset:

Yes, that was MY KitKat!!

Obviously, you wouldn’t expect to find or lose your KitKat in a puddle beneath a bench, while you’re sat down, trying to rest your aching limbs after walking for two hours south down the A37.

Perhaps the biggest surprise to all though, is that I went on to EAT this chocolate bar!! There were sheep in this particular field. I had to pray that they’d not urinated anywhere near this area, as the chocolate was simply too irresistible! It was still sealed in its wrapper and, although it did feel a little ‘moist’ in my mouth, I couldn’t really be sure.

It didn’t me from finishing the bar. What would you have done?


15 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Surprise’

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  4. Juliet says:

    I would have eaten that too 🙂

  5. seeker says:

    what surprised me is you ate the kit kat. Just let the kit float away.

    • There was nowhere for it to go beyond this puddle. I know that chocolate is bad for dogs and I couldn’t take the risk in leaving it for those innocent sheep… 😉

  6. hahaha, if you taste no urine, there is no urine! I probably would have eaten it too…

  7. A.M says:

    Lol….would’ve done the same…what a shame to waste a choc!!

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