Decluttering, Slowly

Over on the horizon, there may be an opportunity for me to move out of mum’s home and in to a clean space of my own. I’ll only be renting but, if it all works out, it should prove to be more affordable than the place I was living in before this blog.

In an effort to get myself ready and organised for my second (potential) move in less than six-months (I’m hoping for a call-back about a viewing next week), I’m looking at the boxes of stuff I still haven’t sorted through. What can I sell. What don’t I need. What do I really need to carry with me to my next home…

Everything must go!!

This is one box of two and, I’ve just listed the contents of a third (old computer games and consoles) on eBay this evening. It’s been a while and I’d forgotten how exhausting the whole process of photographing, listing, calculating and generally selling can be! I’m glad it’s all up there, even though the same items are selling for mere peanuts (it’s almost insulting) in similar auctions. Even if I have to relist at a lower price in five-days’ time, I’ll just be glad to get rid of this stuff when it does sell as I no longer have any ‘need’ for any of it.

In that box above, there are a few out-dated games (football management sims that no man could want) so, I may need to find a service or means of recycling them (if I can’t give them away). Freecycle will be my next stop for most of the stuff in there, aside from the MiniDisc Player – I remember how excited I was when I got this; in spite of everyone else falling for their MP3s… I did list this (complete with around 20 discs) for only £20 last year but, it didn’t attract even a single bid! 😛

I don’t want to give that away but then, that’s part of the reason I’ve held on to so much stuff – I no longer ‘value’ it for my own needs but, I see significance in the price tag that I can visualise.

There’s also a box of unused, budget printer ink cartridges in that box, for a printer my mum scrapped two years ago. I can recycle the old phone and find a new home for the Nerf gun. Taking things one box at a time. 🙂


10 comments on “Decluttering, Slowly

  1. Thank you so much for the tag! I so appreciate the compliment!! It feels good to let go doesn’t it?? I find myself looking around going … “do I still need this?” .. maybe 🙂 Best of Luck in your move!!!

  2. Hi, hope the potential move goes well, and with least amount of hassle for you. All the best

  3. […] Over on the horizon, there may be an opportunity for me to move out of mum’s home and in to a clean space of my own. I’ll only be renting but, if it all works out, it should prove to be…  […]

  4. Linda says:

    Good work Brandon. Decluttering comes with a great feeling, I find. . Ebay is stressful, I always get to the zero insertion times exhausted and can’t be bothered. I have to choose my sale items very carefully as I can only list 10 items per month!!

    • I’m the same, Linda (except for the item number limitation). Those e-mails arrive with the offer a of fee-free weekend and I begin to panic, putting pressure on myself to get things done in time, which has rarely ever happened, unless I’d been holding on to the photos for a while.

      I try to ‘group’ items together for sales (games, tools, clothes, etc.).

  5. Natalya says:

    I find decluttering cathartic. It’s a way to shed the past in a very tangible sense. But I never sell the stuff. It just goes off to the Salvation Army or Diabetes Association or another non-profit collecting items. I prefer to get rid of it quickly and not worry about recouping money b/c it’s generally no longer valuable to me anymore. Thus, I don’t see the use in hanging onto the stuff until I can sell it. Also, I dislike it if I have to see people in order for them to view an item. Mainly it’s about freeing up space in my case. Therefore. hanging onto the stuff would make me feel less satisfied with my accomplishment at sorting out what I want from what I don’t want.

    • That’s a very interesting way of approaching the situation and it’s certainly commendable. I admire you for it. I can’t help but to add monetary value to many of my possessions though. I do give away a lot of free stuff but, it’s often things I consider to be ‘worthless’.

      • Natalya says:

        Well it works for me since I’m impatient! LOL My home doesn’t have lots of extra space for storage so when I manage to clear out an area I want to get rid of the stuff ASAP! To be fair though, I don’t really give away many items of great monetary value. Most of it is not something I’d take to a pawn shop, LOL 😛 If it was an item still in good working order of some worth monetarily then I might see about listing it. But most likely I’d just see if a friend wanted it first then donate it.

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