‘House of Dirt and Puddles’

Before you scream ‘WTF?!?‘ out loud, I should direct you to the Daily Prompt for today:

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .

. . . home.

. . . soil.

. . . rain.

Use those words in the title of your post.

If I try to relate this to some bizarre part of my life then, the first thought to occur is one of a person I work with. To put it simply; he has issues with regards to his personal hygiene and the ‘apparent’ disregard for the comfort and well being of others close to him (I’m the No.1, in that respect). He may change his clothes frequently but, he still smells. It’s not just a bodily odour either; there’s something else that I cannot put my finger on… Even if I tried, I’d fear contamination! 😛

This situation actually improved a few weeks before Christmas. Another colleague sarcastically left a (virtually empty) can of deodorant for me one morning. I kept it close by but didn’t seriously attempt to use it until a few days later, when ‘the smell’ was getting to me on a day where I had other issues. Working with this guy was too much and, as he briefly departed to chat to someone else, I noticed a couple of others were watching me and so, performing to my audience, I began sparying it around our work area.

As ‘Mr. Stink’ returned, I was greeted by great displeasure. He questioned my actions, to which I didn’t outright criticise him for his lack of ‘bathroom time’; although, he certainly caught the right end of the stick and took it very personally.

It’s only recently that he’s begun to talk to me although, I do get the impression as though he’s been putting on a bit of an act this whole time, purely to get some extra attention (he’s not very well liked). People still pass by, claiming that they can still smell him from some way off but, we can all agree that he’s made some changes. He certainly doesn’t smell like he used to and his regular ‘fragrance’ these days is quite bearable, if you want my honest opinion.

My title for this post relates to the conditions in which co-workers have jokingly suspected this guy lives in.

I think this story shows that, in an undeniably disrespectful way, brutal honesty can work. Maybe it’s about how you deliver it?

4 comments on “‘House of Dirt and Puddles’

  1. and the name “pig pen” comes to mind for your coworker… 🙂

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  3. […] Brandon Bored‘House of Dirt and Puddles’ […]

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