Snow Day!

If you’ve been following this blog for the past few months then, you must think it would be inevitable that I would I get out at some point to walk around and take photographs of the local landscape, blanketed in a sheet of white.

That’s what I did yesterday afternoon! 😀

A lot of snow fell in the night before and continued to fall throughout the morning. They’d forecast rain or perhaps sleep to arrive after lunch (which would’ve melted all the lovely whiteness) but, that didn’t quite happen as more flakes arrived.

Another ‘shower’ was forecast for this morning but, as I’ve just gotten out of bed(!) and had br’lunch-fast, I might have missed it. After filtering through my many megabytes-worth of photos, last night, I’ve settled on a final count of 89; 76 of which you can find in my Flickr album, along with those you’ll see below.

…That’s ‘how deep’!!

This is the first time that I can remember seeing snowfall like this for two-years.

When I got up and left for work at 6am, the silence outside reminded me of waking up on Christmas Day. Major roads were passable, with a little care but, there weren’t too many other vehicles up and about.

Even as I was strolling around after lunch, many houses I passed still had cars sat on their drives. I knew that most of the schools in the area were closed, which might have affected the parents’ decision to try and get to work.

Naturally, there were a few farm animals, looking quite perplexed at times although, still happy to stand out in the cold!

I do enjoy seeing how a simple covering of ‘white’ changes everything. Even the most mundane of boring of landscapes; something I’ve witnessed on a daily basis for many years suddenly becomes beautiful.

Of course, I took plenty of tree photographs!

This was one of my favourites from the walk:

I love how the snow settles on top; creating an almost surreal, cel-shaded like effect, in contrast with the branches. Someone else’s photography actually inspired me to take notice of this.

There weren’t many other walkers about, either. I did see kids dragging their sledges behind as they walked home; wishing as though this was something I’d experienced in my youth. To be honest though, I can barely remember having snow quite like this even twenty years ago.

Whenever it does snow though, I find it’s best to get out as soon as possible on that first day. By the time I was returning home, many of the footpaths and pavements were reduced to slush, which I’m sure has frozen overnight. Day two is never quite the same. It’s still cold but, not as soft. I’ve been thinking about taking a walk up to the local woodland that I haven’t visited since I was a kid but, as I’m still in my ‘morning mode’, I might give that a miss today.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re able to spend even a little time enjoying and appreciating this weather for all the joys it does bring. Do take a look at the other photos in my album. 🙂


6 comments on “Snow Day!

  1. Juliet says:

    These photos are so beautiful!

  2. howanxious says:

    Those are some beautiful photographs.. I have always wanted to experience a snow-fall, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to do so. Well, I still loved the photographs! 🙂

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like them. I guess that means you spend more time feeling warm than freezing cold, which isn’t actually a bad thing. 😉

  3. Lovely photos!! 🙂 xx

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