Dream: ‘Can You Hear Me?’

Today’s post isn’t so much about the dream I had last night, but more so the ‘experience‘ I felt immediately afterwards. Details of the dream (I actually fell asleep and woke up several times during the night) are extremely vague in my mind now…

As you might have already seen, I spent the previous evening writing a eulogy for my late grandfather, which bought up a lot of memories and even some emotion in the process. All I can recall from the end of my dream was being in the company of a little blonde boy, who I soon realised was the other grandson (we’re not rivals or anything), at least fifteen years younger.

After that, I remember waking up, still curled up in bed in shelter from the cold, when I heard a male voice call my name twice before asking, ‘Can you hear me?‘.

My eyes were tightly shut. I was shaking from head to toe. I didn’t want ‘him’ to notice I was awake; I just wanted this ‘surprise’ to go away and leave me to fall back to sleep. Whether I dreamt it or not, it was definitely my granddad’s voice, but from a few years previously, when he lived a more active lifestyle.

At the same time, I could feel this ‘electricity’ passing through the back of my head, somewhere behind my ears. I could feel it (tickling, rather than shocking). I could hear its crackle, loud and clear. It was uncomfortable. I was frightened and yet, it somehow passed and I was able to rest again.

I’ve shared this with one friend already today, who told me of ‘paranormal/spiritualist’ experiences from her own life. She believes that my granddad may have had a message for me and that, should he decide to ‘contact’ me again, I should try harder to listen. If only in spirit, it is still my granddad. He’s not going to hurt me. He doesn’t mean to scare me.

It is possible that I dreamt up or created the voice in my own mind. As I said, I’d been through a bit of emotion earlier that night and that’s bound to have opened something up in my subconscious. But the shaking and the fear – that was real. I’m quite certain that I was conscious, if still afraid to open my eyes.

What are your thoughts on spiritualism?

Do you have any experiences of your own to share?

I worry that I’m not going t sleep well tonight, for fear that he might return. When my dad eventually passes, I imagine he’ll be pestering me now on a near-daily basis, as he has done for so many years of my life. That thought frightens me. But, do I really need to be afraid? I’ve never truly experienced anything like this before.


5 comments on “Dream: ‘Can You Hear Me?’

  1. Hi, have had very vivid dreams of relatives who have died. I’m never sure how to interpret them, but they usually make me feel happier. I think , probably like yourself i’d be frightened to open my eyes as well, and would much rather have the happy dreams. Best wishes

  2. lenajacome says:

    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. Summer Moon says:

    What an experience! I can understand why you had the reaction you did. I find this post interesting. I’m actually a believer in the idea that loved ones can come back to visit us in our dreams. I also believe that when it is necessary for them, for whatever reason, they will show themselves to us in a conscious state too.

    I remember when I was little, I saw this episode of Unsolved Mysteries. It was about this very subject of loved ones who had passed and then came back to visit those who loved them dearly. They had comforting words, letting them know that they would always be with them and would someday see them again. As someone who is strong in my faith, I definitely believe this. But, I think no matter what a person’s beliefs are that they can still have the same experiences. Well, back to that show. After watching it, I felt scared. I was young (around 8 or so) and the thought of a ‘ghost’ essentially, coming back (loved one or not) scared me. I remember going to my mom afterward and telling her how frightening it would be and she gave me a comforting answer. She said that yes it would be frightening at first, but then afterward when we realized who it was, then we’d probably feel a sense of peace. The fear would come from the fact that seeing someone after they’ve passed isn’t a ‘normal’ experience, meaning it’s not something that we all see day-to-day. But, once we saw the person and realized that they were there in love that we’d feel peace.

    I’m not sure if this helps you at all, but I hope it can a little. Personally, I think dreams like these are special. And, I’m sure that if your grandfather was indeed visiting you that he would completely understand your fear. I’m so sorry that you have lost your grandfather. I hope that you will be able to find comfort through your experiences. But, even if you don’t, it’s totally understandable. I can guarantee you that although I believe what I just wrote, that I would still be frightened too, at least at first.

    Take care, Brandon!

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