Poem: ‘No U in I’

Today is, of course, Valentine’s Day and this marks the one-year anniversary of the demise of my premature relationship with ‘January’. I suffered a lot of pain in the immediate aftershock of the event and everything that lead up to an outburst of anger and upset. It took me a while to get over it and meeting someone else isn’t always the best solution when you’re vulnerable. Since the beginning of 2013, I’ve had to make further acceptances from within myself and this has all lead to the progress that I’ll try to share in a spontaneous poem below.

‘No U in I’

My entire life

I’ve felt so alone

One day for isolation

The silence of my phone

Last year, I was busy

Eyes wide, my heart open

You arrived in an instant

Life granted my token

It was all in vain

Never meant to be

Truth cuts so dearly

At least now, we can see

It has taken time

I’ve tried to give it all

Life is to be shared

Self-care must come, before I fall

Being alone

Ideas based on fear

Perspective is a turn-table

Accepting friends to hold dear

We talk and we share

Get out and enjoy

My life has real meaning

Love is but a  toy.

This may not be one of my best and it’s the first I’ve attempted to write in a while. What is important though is that, on the 14th of February 2013, I am genuinely comfortable and content with being single, for the first time in close to three-decades! 🙂


Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

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