Anxious Thought of the Day

Here’s my anxious thought for the day…

When a very close friend tells you that you’re a ‘wonderful person‘ and also, a ‘great friend‘, why is my next reaction (after feeling positively emotional) to focus and dwell on the ‘friend‘ aspect?

She is the first person I’ve known in the real world to have ever said something so kind and beautiful to me. My counsellor used to try and praise me but then, it’s kind of her job… It actually means something (and a lot more) when it comes from a person you mutually care about.

I am so grateful for her words and I hope she knows that I will always be there to support her.

As much as I’ve begun this year striving to focus on the friends-side of our relationship (as only friends), I guess I’m always going to be secretly hoping for more, with the feelings I do have.

Another friend was talking to me recently about her own situation and I kind of came to a realisation that we cannot ‘control’ our emotions and feelings, just as we cannot dictate those of other people; as much as we may feel as though we want to. Feelings of love and compassion never truly fade away or burn out, in my opinion. So, is then about acceptance and focusing on other areas?

7 comments on “Anxious Thought of the Day

  1. randomandunheardof says:

    That’s an interesting thought!

  2. Interesting, i think it’s important to focus the fact that we can’t control how we feel and our emotions, but we can control our own actions. It’s out of your control if you like this girl, or how she feels about you, but it’s up to you what you do with your feelings, whether you act on them or keep them secret.

    I have to remind myself of this all the time, and for what it’s worth i’m in a similar situation… and it sucks. Good luck 🙂

    • Hi Hayley and thank you for your comment.

      It’s good to know that you feel you can relate to my situation and I do agree with your point on being in control of our actions.

      Generally, I’ve been okay for this year and I’ve been able to accept pure friendship more easily than before. It’s just those few words at the precise time… It’s enough to awaken the anxious side of my mind.

      Best of luck you and yours, too. 🙂

  3. You have to accept how you feel for certain. The more you try to apply the breaks the worse it can become – like of feelings and emotion are taboo, which they are not!! A person once said; ‘how do you close a flood gate once it is open’? Basically you have to let some things run their course, as that is something you cannot control or curb.
    You are free to feel and no-one can tell you otherwise 🙂

  4. It’s hard to have more without becoming close friends first.

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