Today, I was going to write about my Friday night at the end of last week. Instead, I find myself wanting to reach out to bloggers who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and ask for some advice, based on experiences I’ve had today.

This post will be free of photographs for other bloggers (!) but it might be a bit ‘gross’, as much as I’ll try not too delve in to minute details. Just cautioning you. 😉 I’m asking for your thoughts and opinions because I could quite easily turn to Google and diagnose myself with almost anything.

Sometime this morning, while at work, I could feel the ‘urge’ to poo growing within my stomach. Along with that familiar feeling, my stomach was beginning to make the usual sounds. As I’ve mentioned before on this blog; I’m quite ‘pedantic’ about using the staff toilets at certain times of day – there are only two cubicles between fifty of us but also, I hope to avoid seeing and interacting with others (not to mention the risk of someone ‘hearing’ me, as I can be quite noisy). Even while I am sat in there, I’ll pause for the footsteps the swing of the door, as the risk of making an undeniable sound.

Anyway, I went without much trouble and was back out of there in only five-minutes. Inside, I could feel that I wasn’t empty. Pushing my fingers in to my stomach (as my GP used to do – I suffered horrendously with constipation as a child), I could feel that there was still waste to clear within my bowels. But, as hard pushed, there was nothing more to come. Quite literally; not even a squeak!

This was probably because of the take-away (sausage and chips) my dad decided to drop by with late last night; beyond 8pm. Those whole anxiety around using the toilet at work does affect my evening diet. I’ll either eat very little, as early as possible or, I’ll go without; sometimes for days on end. I prefer to eat take-aways and such at the end of the week, when I have the weekend to relax and let it out.

Half an hour later, I was in the canteen eating my lunch (sandwiches, Mars bar and a banana). Within one hour after that, the urgency was growing within my stomach again and yet, I was working hard to ignore it. Feeling mostly like wind that needed to escape. To quote a blogging friend; I could also feel the ‘churning’ within my stomach. Those last three hours were quite uncomfortable at times, as the intensity grew. Still, I was reluctant, having already been once; I shouldn’t need to go again. It was daft!

Sometime in the final hour, I felt a slight dampness in the seat of my underwear. I became assured that I must have accidentally let something else out with some of that wind. But, I soon got in my vehicle and was driving home, to the safe haven of my own bathroom. As I got out of the van, I decided to unleash some more wind, as no-one else could be seen or heard. It began with a roar and relief inside my stomach, before ending in an unforgiving squelch and a certain feeling of a very large wet patch… It wasn’t until I got inside though (spare pants at the ready) that I realised it was clear.

What I mean is that there was a clear liquid covering my underwear and I ‘spat’ some more of it down the toilet, without much else. There’s no distinct smell (although, it reminded me of a freshly-cleaned carpet after the dog’s left a ‘present’) and it doesn’t appear discoloured. It felt almost gel-like (to quote the result of a brief internet search). Since then, my stomach’s been better and I’ve lost the urgency to go.

Is this a symptom of IBS?

It’s not the first time I’ve experienced this but then, it’s one of the most significant cases in my own lifetime. I don’t understand the liquid-thing but I guess it’s another issue I should discuss with my GP. It does seem to be stress-related, with the fear of using public toilets around others.


8 comments on “IBS?

  1. its something i am all too familiar with mate! that horrible feeling or following through, sometimes even a cough makes me soil myself! stress related is my cause so this could be the case with you as well as I tried changing diet and this had no effect either.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Garry.

      I only find that coughing or sneezing takes effect when I’m REALLY desperate. My diet was ‘improved’ by my GP when I was a kid and now includes plenty of fibre and fruit. My constipation was so bad that I used to soil myself almost daily; when and wherever.

      I can’t remember what ‘cured’ that but it does seem like stress may be having an effect at the moment.

  2. I’m sure you know this is something I struggle with on a daily basis, and this could be IBS, but it’s a very broad term if I’m honest, so it’s difficult to tell. You could have just had an upset stomach from the food you ate, but doesn’t necessarily mean IBS. However, if this starts happening more regularly, then I’d definitely go to the doctors and get checked out.

    • Hi B. and thank you for your thoughts.

      This is why I don’t like Googling things, as I don’t want to convince myself that I have IBS when the worst of the symptoms are only occasional. Something I did read suggested a possible infection or bacteria within the intestines. Another suggested that stomach ulcers create the liquid…

      It’s one of those things where I don’t know if I should ‘bother’ the doctor or not… I’m out for a pub meal this evening so, perhaps that phone call might have to be made sooner rather than later!! :-S

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    Thanks, Bex 😀
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