Ring, Ring!

Ahead of my appointment (assessment) for a course of CBT tomorrow morning, I’m going to share a couple of small personal achievements that I’ve made this week.

It was Monday and, as some of you may already know; I took the day off sick from work to rest and recover properly from the stomach bug I’d been laden with over the weekend. That, in itself, is an achievement for me personally, as I’m usually one to avoid the situations that follow (people innocently questioning why I was off, etc.). But, in order to get there, I had to first make a phone to officially notify my employers of my intended absence for the day.


Telephone (Photo credit: plenty.r.)

I’ve been in this job for nearly two years and, although I missed two days in 2012 through illness (depression, to be precise), I didn’t make any effort to phone in. I was afraid of all the usual things, along with having to speak to someone and to reveal my reason why. These same fears were present as I dialled the firm’s number around ten-minutes to 7am and I’m sure I did ramble my way through the call with my response to the simple ‘Good morning‘ I received (probably knocking the recipient off his chair at the same time) but, at the second attempt, I got the plain message across, there were no further questions and I was able to stay in bed and relax!

Usually, I would drive myself crazy on days like this where I hadn’t phoned in sick… Waiting for the imminent phone call (which never actually comes from my current firm); trying to make it through to the end of each hour without logging in to Facebook where people could spot my online presence; being afraid and patient until after working hours before attempting to do any active or practical activities – I was sick, after all and didn’t want to feel like I was cheating or deceiving anyone (as if they were driving past my house, checking up on me).

Later that same day, I had another important phone call to make because, after recently renewing my car insurance through a price comparison website, I’m now paying for two policies as one driver of the very same vehicle!! It’s my own fault for again, cowardly, not phoning the insurers beforehand to cancel the automatic renewal from my previous policy (which actually expired last week). Other companies I’ve used in the past have had an e-mail address, so I could get around that. I do recall phoning another firm in 2008 or 2009 to press them for a better quote during my lunch break at college but, this instance was certainly the first since.

[Men working on telephone lines, probably near...

[Men working on telephone lines, probably near a TVA dam hydroelectric plant] (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

I still need to return my certificate of insurance in order to confirm the cancellation and, once they have that, they’ll also be able to refund the lump-sum (I hate that term) they had already taken from my account (I’m paying monthly on my new policy). But, again; I was able to pick up the phone, make the call and to do what I needed. I even had to go through one of those automated-response-things where you have to verbally tell a computer your first and last name along with other details… That went well, even though I feared I could’ve wound up in a future episode of Fonejacker!! 😉

Tomorrow’s the day I hopefully get a yes or no on whether I can start CBT (for free)… I was keen when I booked the appointment many weeks ago but my faith in this has subsided slightly since. We’ll see. 🙂

4 comments on “Ring, Ring!

  1. Hi, well done on the phone calls! Am the same with calls, answering them is a bigger issue with me, although also hate making them to people I don’t know. Good luck with the CBT! All the best

    • Thank you, I’m glad you can relate. I also hate answering the phone although, it’s mostly from unknown numbers… I feel terrible watching the phone and waiting for the ringing to end!

      I don’t know how I’d live without a mobile though and not knowing who was calling before picking up the phone.

  2. Welldone BB! I don’t like making phonecalls either, although I’m getting better! Glad you took the day off to rest! xx

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