Chasing: The Dream

As I’ve spent two-days now lying in bed (with a cold), it seems almost fitting that I’m going to sit here now to write and share with you my recollection and reflection of a dream I had a few nights ago.

I’d arrived at a large shopping centre, on my own. Inside, I bumped in to my dear friend and her abusive fiancée. She was pushing a shopping trolley, filled to the brim with so many items (as if you ever see trolleys like that outside of a supermarket…) and they were on their way out of the building. I decided to walk with them back to the car. By the time we were halfway across the car park, I noticed that she’d lost the trolley. I asked her where it was and she returned back in to the centre to search and retrieve it.

In this time, I decided to wait by the car with her abuser. We didn’t exchange a single word or even make eye contact in the many minutes for which we waited. I was feeling ‘protective’ of someone I cared about, following recent events in the real world. After ten-minutes or so (it felt like a long time, even in the dream – very bizarre), my concern grew enough for me to head back inside in search of her.

At some point, I stumbled across a door ajar within a room painted almost entirely in white (quite like that corridor in the final part of The Matrix Trilogy). As I opened the door further without any hesitation, I saw her, to my right; gagged and tied to a chair against the wall. There were three or four other ‘hostages’ along the opposite wall. For some reason, I think they were of Asian descent, with an even mix of men and women… I seemed to notice all of this in a mere second, as a sentry (big, bald man, armed with a gun) turned away from the door and walked on in his rectangular route around the room. He had an accomplice, also armed, walking and they were following each others’ steps.

By now, I’d turned around and hidden myself in a room behind the diving wall, opposite that door. They didn’t see or hear me and I was racking my brain frantically to try and come up with a plan to get her out. I couldn’t focus on the safety of the others; she was my priority. Shortly after this, either the dream ended or my subconscious dragged me somewhere else. But, I feel as though there was a part of me that was waiting for the abuser to come in, if only for assistance. I wasn’t strong enough to complete the rescue mission on my own, as much as I’d like to be able to see myself as the Utopian Jack Bauer! (Good old! :-D)


There, ended the dream or, at least, my recollection of it. Now, I’ve spent much of today pondering over what I can take and interpret from this. If there’s anything you can see, agree with or think I might have missed then, I welcome your contribution.

To me, there’s an element of my friend leaving the essentials (family and friends) behind and running after one man. I’ve since realised that she was the one pushing the trolley, carrying the load… Isn’t that a man’s responsibility? He only had to carry his car keys.

It’s weird because I don’t think I’ve ever dreamt about her so clearly in any way at all. A lot has happened recently and my concern for her safety has grown, even though I also sense that she is closer to an epiphany than before…

Not only is she chasing after him but I’m chasing after her. To the point where I almost rush in and (potentially) make the situation much worse than it was. That speaks to me. But also, it’s as if I can’t do it all on my own. There are some battles I know I cannot win, even before I’ve entered that room. I’m only human.

I find it strange that the abuser didn’t follow and trusted me enough to let me go in after her alone. Then again, I don’t know him. I’ve never met him (and, quite frankly, I don’t want to). It’s also my dream.

What can you add to this? Is there anything that you can see?

Please, feel free to share your thoughts.

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