Cutting Out Caffeine

Another ‘stunning’ image from my smartphone’s camera provides the prompt for this evening’s post!


Decaf Tea Bags – Ready for Work!


I’ve mentioned before on this blog that in-taking large amounts of caffeine can recreate the effects and symptoms of anxiety in an average person. This is something that was affirmed to me by my CBT worker when we met a few weeks back.

Back in 2010, I found myself ‘accidentally’ putting bags of decaf tea in my mugs ahead of the boiling water (the milk comes after, GD! ;-)), simply because I was too lazy or anxious to head out on my own and to replenish the household stock of caffeinated ahead of the weekend. I was living at my mum’s at the time and these decaf bags actually belonged to my sister. Anyway, I found that it didn’t taste too bad, if a little weaker and so, I continued to designate myself to drinking decaf tea.

As the weeks and months went on, I found myself sleeping better and relaxing more. This may be coincidental, as I was working shifts at the time and, on one particular morning, I overslept to the point of which I arrived in work 2½ hours late!! There were other occasions where I was maybe an hour late but, that one time was the exception.

I wouldn’t say I was any more confident or less anxious back then but I do remember sleeping easier. I’ve been in my current job for almost two-years and we’re provided with caffeinated tea bags on a daily basis so, I’ve always accepted them. Drinking two cups during the working day (I used to drink three or more) may not have the greatest effect on my system but my sleep patterns have certainly deteriorated and now, even if I end up paying more from my own pocket, I’m going to be making an effort to cut caffeine out of my system again completely!

I remember how, after switching to decaf the first time, I used to spend my days yawning a lot less, even with 6am starts and even averaging four hours of sleep each night. That constant yawning has returned, to the point at which others will again notice and comment.

This means taking my own tea bags in to work each day and sneaking one in to my mug each time, using the good old sleight of hand. I don’t whether anyone will notice! It might cost be a bit extra over the course of a year but, I’m also hoping to see some improvement in my self. It could all just be a placebo of my own creation… Only time will tell! (I seem to say that a lot!)



7 comments on “Cutting Out Caffeine

  1. I have liked this despite being admonished! 😉 I think it’s perfectly acceptable for the milk to come first… Coffee often makes me feel terrible, and I cut it out whenever I’m feeling particularly anxious – but I find that tea doesn’t have a similar effect. Have you tried rooibos (redbush) tea? I find I actually like that better than decaffeinated black tea, and it seems to have a calming effect on me (although that may be a placebo effect…) – I have it when I have migraines, which caffeine seems to exacerbate. You can even add a little milk to it. First, obviously…

    • Ah, you’re a coffee drinker… That must explain why you do things ‘differently’, because I don’t drink that stuff. 😛

      Yes, coffee is supposed to be worse than tea for anxiety-like symptoms. I’ve not tried redbush tea but, upon your recommendation, I’ll give it a go next time I’m in a café. 🙂

      That’s interesting… Whenever I’ve met someone who suffers with migraines, they’ve always been coffee drinkers. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve only suffered two serious migraines in my life (both a decade ago), which could’ve been stress related.

      I don’t know, I just like the ‘security’ of cooling a mug of boiling water with a small amount of creamy milk… (Thank you also for giving me another new word to research! :-)).

  2. I don’t drink a lot of coffee, but I let myself sometimes have a latte in the afternoon during the week. I find it helps to clear my head to get away from my desk and move about, even if it’s only for ten minutes. Oddly caffeine isn’t a trigger for migraines for me, as far as I can tell – it’s usually to do with stress and a disturbed eating pattern. I think being a girl (bird?) makes them more likely, too.

    Let me know what you think of the redbush. I’m always eager to convert people, although they rarely listen to me…

    PS You’re welcome, with the word. Words are what I like best. 🙂

    • I’ve been trying a mug of redbush in the evenings and I like it… But I’m also finding it harder to wake up the next morning! Maybe I should add milk.

      I’ve only ever known guys with migraine issues and not many birds or women.

  3. howanxious says:

    I can’t spend a day without caffeine.. if I don’t get my cup of tea in the morning, I have a harrowing headache throughout the day..
    I don’t know whether it contributes to my anxiety or not.. hope it doesn’t..

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