Sleep Paralysis?

Last night, only one half-an-hour past midnight, I had one of those weird dreams where I wasn’t sure if I was awake, asleep or if there really was ‘someone else’ in my room with me. This one probably counts as Sleep Paralysis more than the two other incidents I’ve experienced less than twelve-months.

The Nightmare

The Nightmare (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was lying in bed; almost on my back but favouring my right-hand side. Suddenly, that familiar sound appeared in the back of my head; in the same spot as last time. Like a distorted radio frequency; much quieter than the last time. I could just about hear mention of my name from a male voice that I did not recognise. It put the fear in me but, I felt ready to tell it to leave me alone this time. I even tried but, for whatever reason, the words would’ve come out.

I also realised that I couldn’t physically move. ‘Something’ was holding both of my wrists down on to the pillow and I felt its weight on top of my legs and stomach. ‘He’ continued talking. I couldn’t make out what he was saying (the voice was distant) but I did catch one line where he insisted he was going to or could eat the fingers from my right-hand, “like Jelly Babies“.

My eyes were open but my sight was only partial with the duvet covering most of my face (I often like to wrap up). It was also very dark; the street light that usually highlights my room goes off at midnight. I wasn’t wearing my glasses but still, I couldn’t see anyone.

I was trying to talk; to tell him to get off. I wanted to shout for help and I did make a whimpering noise but still, the feeling persisted. I even felt ‘him’ put his full weight in to my legs and stomach. It was painful and yet, through the whole experience, I couldn’t help but feel reminded of how my dad would treat me as a kid.

After only a few minutes, all was gone. I looked around… Nothing. I could move freely. I could speak clearly. My nightmare was over as I gradually decreased my breathing to a calm and relaxed pace.

I feel quite certain that this could well be a case of true sleep paralysis. Possibly triggered by my irregular sleeping patterns. But also, it seems strange to have happened less than one hour after going to bed. I had a pretty active day walking yesterday and I was very tired physically by the end of it. My experience after my granddad’s death was more ‘real’ than this one. Last week, mum bought home half of his ashes. As soon as I looked at the bag (not in it), I felt uncomfortable. It was like a gaping hole inside of my body had suddenly been filled… Does that make any sense to you?!

10 comments on “Sleep Paralysis?

  1. howanxious says:

    I have felt the very same a few times.. I don’t know the reason behind it but I guess it is just another way our minds play games with us. You were really tired and that is why you couldn’t adhere to your will to move your limbs.. well, I am just guessing..not so sure.

  2. Be Well And Happy says:

    I have had this happen too. it tends to happen when I’m really overtired. There is a physical explanation – the brain doing something weird – I was talking to someone about it. It’s never a nice space. Often nightmarish in my experience. Try not to read to much into it 🙂

  3. This sounds really scary, hope you’re ok! Try not to think about it too much, I often find that the more I think about nightmares, the more I have! xx

  4. Hi you, how are you?? I just wanted to say I have had a similar experiences. It was pretty scary. I actually thought someone was trying to strangle me, I could feel hands around my neck and my breath becoming ever more shallow. I was freaked out!!!!!!! Hope I NEVER have another ‘dream’ or ‘sleep paralysis’ episode again!

    • Hi Bex!!

      I’m quite relieved to hear that you have had similar experiences. There’s a lot that you can read in to it all and its causes.

      I’ve sent you an e-mail to catch up and also to ask how you are. Hope to hear from you when you have time. 🙂

      • Yes it freaked me out and wouldn’t want a repeat performance!!!!!! Thank you!! I read and responded – all OK now. I fly back to Madrid on the 1st May!
        Speak soon, Bex 🙂

  5. goodjohnjr says:

    Thank you for sharing that experience Brandon Bored, from what you described I am guessing that maybe it was sleep paralysis, but your experience was more physical (you felt like someone was holding you down et cetera) than any sleep paralysis that I have had so far; in my experiences I am just paralyzed without feeling like someone is holding me down.

    I have had several sleep paralysis experiences in my life (some of which are on my blog): with one or more of them having hallucinations, at least one with an unknown male voice repeating the name Metatron, in almost all of them I feel a presence in the room like someone/something is there but I can not see them, in almost all of them there is a strong feeling of fear/panic/terror stronger than normal & my senses & feelings/emotions feel heightened/magnified, in almost all of them I can not talk or make a sound except for maybe a small whimper-like sound if I am lucky, et cetera.

    Sleep paralysis is rare for me, I have learned how to better deal with them from experience (try to stay calm even though it is hard, tell yourself that this is not real, take slow deep breaths, close your eyes, et cetera), but it is still scary when it happens; but I think that sleep paralysis is very interesting & mysterious, so thank you for sharing your experience. 🙂

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