An Empath’s Reflection

I may’ve just sent a message that’s potentially ended a ‘friendship’ I’ve shared with a trouble soul for the past year. I hope that I’m just over-thinking and that she realises, at the bottom of it all, that I’m still here for her. But, pressing on, I want to write a kind of reflection to the blog post I shared in my last post

“You are an Empath”

Bascially, it’s been on my mind a lot and without even entering in to any lengthy discussion with the author, it’s begun to alter my perception of how I perceive my symptoms of anxiety. I’d like to thank Jan for directing me to the site.

I am open to the idea of being an empath. Reading through the paragraphs, I found several (more than half) that I felt I could connect with and relate to. There’s still a sceptical side of me that realises that many of the ‘symptoms’ described are also open to interpretation as symptoms of anxiety and low self-esteem but I feel a little more ‘whole’ inside, in believing that I have an ‘ability’, if you will, that isn’t shared with everyone else.

That’s certainly true of my life experiences as well.

Have you ever tried to open up to someone about your own fears and ‘weaknesses’, only to receive a complete and utter lack of understanding? Perhaps even worse?

These people are not as sensual. They’re close-minded and less available to the energies that illustrate our existence.

On another personal note (in fact, I might have mentioned this again in the previous post), I recently came to realise (while meditating) what it is that I love so much about a particular woman and it’s the feeling of love that I have received each time I have been with her. The warmth upon greeting and saying goodbye. If, as an Empath, I am also able to ‘see’ these energies then she emits a warm hue of red when we have been together. Mixed with my own haze of navy blue, we come together (non-sexually) to create an awesome purple or violet, in thick clouds that keep the darkness under wraps and out of sight.

So, I no longer view myself as being ‘weak’ for my high sensitivity. My recognition of these feelings and emotions within others is a strength. I have always believed that, when I meet someone new (through work or wherever), I am able to pin-point immediately if they have suffered from any form of depression. I’ve always found myself aware of the ones I could talk to and the ones who wouldn’t understand. I give off my own energy that I’m sure effects other people. One thing I do need to practise though, is ways in which I can better protect myself from taking too much on.

In my mind, I liken it to Peter Petrelli (or Sylar, later in the series) taking on too many powers and finding it all too much to bear, literally… (In a dream) One for the other Heroes fans out there! 😉

…Come to think of it, didn’t Claude (the ‘Invisible Man’ – played by Christopher Ecclestone) refer to Petrelli as an Empath when they first met in that same series?


2 comments on “An Empath’s Reflection

  1. aura jade says:

    thank you for linking my article. when learning about our empathic qualities, it is important to keep in mind that we can view them as a gift and begin to see the many ways we can help others due to our innate sensitive nature.

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