‘Easter’ – Marillion

This is a song that I’d like to share with you today for two reasons… First, that I heard on the radio earlier during my new-found lunchtime ‘solitude’. Secondly, each and every time I’ve heard this song, it touches me. I found myself at the point of almost shedding a tear; eyes closed, as the realisation came that it was almost time to return to work.

Marillion are a band I hadn’t even heard of before I discovered Planet Rock at Christmas 2009. This is a beautiful song and I can remember how I used to believe that Phil Collins was the singer in this band… Or was that Fish?! To be honest with you; I’m still uncertain as to whether it’s Collins or Peter Gabriel providing the vocals to many Genesis songs! 😛

Lyrics below.

Marillion – ‘Easter’

The ghost of a mist was on the field
The gray and the Green together
The noise of a distant farm machine
Out of the first light came

A tattered necklace of hedge end trees
On the southern side of the hill
Betrays where the border runs between
Where Mary Dunoon’s boy fell

Easter here again
A time for the Blind to see
Surely now can all of your hearts be free

Out of the port of Liverpool
Bound for the North of Ireland
The wash of the spray and horsetail waves
The roll of the sea below

And Easter here again
A time for the Blind to see
Surely now can all of your hearts be free

(Synth and guitar solo)

What will you do?
Make a stone of your heart?
Will you set things right?
When you tear them apart?
Will you sleep at night?
With the plough and the stars alight?

What will you do?
With the wire & the gun?
That’ll set things right
When it’s said and done?
Will you sleep at night?
Is there so much love to hide?

Sing ‘Never again’

2 comments on “‘Easter’ – Marillion

  1. I can’t wait to go home and listen to this… I owned Marillion’s “Misplaced Childhood” album when I was 16… (yes album – vinyl… and yes when it was a new album – I am that old)

    Fish has a great voice (why is he called Fish??) and I loved their disturbing lyrics and haunting melodies… ‘Kaleigh’ was their big hit… but I was always partial to Lavender and well the rest of the album… I played it over and over and over… But I cannot recall if I have heard this song… so as soon as I get home from work I will give it a listen…

    Oh and it was both Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel who sang for Genesis – another one my old time favourites… But I always preferred Phil…

    • I hope you enjoyed it when you got home. 🙂

      I’m aware that both Collins and Gabriel sang for Genesis but I, for some reason, find it hard to tell them apart… To me, Peter Gabriel’s solo voice sounds a lot different to some of the Genesis songs that I THINK he did…

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