Just Another Day

Today, is just another day.

I feel no need and no urgency to ‘celebrate’ any form of special occasion, just because I could buy a card.

I am grateful for those who do have such an occasion to share and I do not mean to disrespect or to offend those with well-wishes for this day.

I made my choice a long time ago and, only recently, has it begun to feel as though other people are ‘okay’ with this.

Happy Sunday to you all.

7 comments on “Just Another Day

  1. bpshielsy says:

    I get that Brandon, I’m with you here. It’s always strange when you see that first card/advert/poster mentioning an upcoming ‘fathers’ day. Always makes me think twice.

  2. I struggle a lot with Fathers’ Day. I think there are probably a lot of people out there who understand a decision not to mark it, although they might have very different reasons. It is not up to anyone else not to be ok with what you choose – it’s ultimately a very personal choice to make. Hope you are doing ok generally.

    • Thanks, GD. I agree, in that it’s possibly many people may have many different reasons of their own for making the same decision. I am doing okay, thank you and I hope the same for you.

  3. Father’s day has never meant much to me… I have never met my father. I tried to make it count when I was married, for the children’s sake, for my ex’s sake (well at the time he wasn’t my ex sooo)… but truly I could care less – I long to understand the specialness of the day, to have that ‘daddy’ that I would love to go out of my way for… but I can’t relate… and as my ex has never really been that ‘daddy’ either…

    Well to all the good fathers Happy Father’s day… to all the fatherless (that goes for symbolically as well) *BIG HUGS* and Happy Sunday 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing. I’m different in that I don’t long for that feeling or understanding. I think I did when I was younger but I also lost a couple of male figures (both to cancer) who I felt I could look up to.

      This is belated but thank you and also for the *BIG HUGS*. 🙂

  4. hastywords says:

    Miss you honey…hope all things are well!

    • Things are going okay, thanks. I lost my inspiration to write (creatively) several months ago but it will return one day. Hope things are well with you? I’m sorry I’m still terrible at keeping up with your words.

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