One Week Left!

Last week, I decided to skip on an update with my CBT course. There’s no great reason for that; I simply felt as though that session was a bit ‘meh’, in the sense that I didn’t feel like I’d learned or come away with much at the end of it. That remains the only time on this course but I’m not trying to knock it because I’m sure some others would’ve benefited.

In short, I didn’t feel as though I had anything within me to report! 🙂

Now, having just completed week seven… There’s only one more week to go!! :-O

This week was beneficial, as we looked in to the world of Assertiveness (something commonly not easily found within a person experiencing low self-esteem). We looked at and discussed ways of being assertive while being respectful towards others. It’s about putting yourself forward with the facts; not criticising others but to simply explain to them how you feel. Reinforcing the fact may be necessary in some situations but it is important not to allow aggression or anger to set in and take over.

Many people act as though they have to be aggressive in order to achieve. We learned that aggression is a thread-based reaction; in fact, the polar opposite of withdrawal and avoidance. Even people with anxiety issues can come across as angry because certain situations will trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response system that gets our adrenaline pumping to the max… But we can work on that. Noticing is the first step on the climb to change and self-improvement.

There have been a few things that I’ve wanted to write about recently… I’ve completely forgotten a song I was going to share with you and I’ve had it in mind to write something along the lines of ‘Letting Go’; partly inspired by the words of a friend very recently. I just haven’t given myself the time to sit down and write anything yet. I’m preoccupying myself with many other things but that may well change this winter. There are so many good things happening; so many positives that I’m becoming aware of and I’m trying to let it all in. I can’t tell you about it all but I’ve made A LOT of self-progress in my first year of blogging here (yep, I’m pretty sure it’s a year to this month).

Now, I have just one more week of this self-esteem course to come… Well, that’s after the Bank Holiday weekend! There are options for further courses covering different subjects after this but seriously, where has August gone?!?

Thanks to you all for reading, following and for sticking with me when I haven’t always got the time to write. 🙂


2 comments on “One Week Left!

  1. WeeGee says:

    Keep it up. You’re doing so well and learning so much. I hope you’re proud of yourself lovely? xxx

    • Thank you, WeeGee. Definitely! I’ve done a lot to be proud of in the last few months! I’d share it all publicly here but then, I’d worry about it creating a distinct connection with my true identity on another blog.

      You’ll just have to trust me on this one but I am mostly feeling good these days! 😉 xx

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