‘A Place in Time’

So, I recently bought some new CDs for the first time in many months and, with that, I purchased a couple of other items, including one DVD set that’d been on my wish list for the last few years. I guess I’d been waiting for the price to come down but I finally got my hands and the fourth and final series of The 4400.

The 4400

The 4400 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

[I promise there will be no spoilers within this post.]

In case you missed it, this was a science fiction series based (initially) around the abduction of 4400 people and later, their return (don’t worry, I’m not spoiling anything there – it happens very early in the first series). I remember first watching this show when it appeared on Sky in 2004. It’s kinda of sad to think that this was almost ten-years ago now… I remember them using an Incubus song (Talk Shows On Mute) in either the first or second series (series one was more of a ‘mini series’, only four episodes long, as I remember).

It was billed initially as ‘The New X-Files’ or something to that effect. I certainly liked it but it never quite caught on in the way that shows like Lost, Heroes and others have since. Perhaps that’s because it began and ended on Sky where, as UK readers may remember, the first two years of Lost appeared exclusively on Channel 4, for all to watch. But then, if it had climbed to receive that same kind of appeal, there’s a chance it would’ve been tarnished with too many shirtless scenes (think Peter Petrelli in series two of Heroes) and elongated episodes lacking in direction (to me, that was lost, between series three and the end).

I lost track of The 4400 (haha!) after series two and only learned a couple of years ago that the show was bought to an abrupt end with the writer’s strikes in 2007, after only four series. Having now watched all four, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the show’s been left hanging from a cliff. There are always going to be answers and questions (Lost, for one, never answered them all). I actually felt it was quite apt. If not for the former announcements, I would’ve had no reason to suspect that they’d even planned on a fifth series. I think it’s quite considered to be left where it is. Of course I miss it but then, if it was to continue having watched it all, I’d be concerned as to where it could go next.

Today’s music video is the theme song from the show:

I also remembering hearing this in a TV advert a couple of years later, where it featured amongst a collection of ‘chilled out’ tracks. Of course, I recognised it simply as ‘The 4400 Song’ and it is only now that I’ve been able to learn the artist’s name.

‘A Place in Time’ – Amanda Abizaid

(I always imagined it was actress Laura Allen, who played Lily, singing this song, for some reason….)

So long ago, Another life
I could feel your heart beat
It’s not a dream, remember us
I can see it in your eyes

We’ll find a place in time
A place in time beyond the sun

We’ll find a place in time
A place in time to call our home

Now, I’m thinking about finally buying the X-Files box set and I’m still short of the two final series of 24…. 😉

4 comments on “‘A Place in Time’

  1. Rose says:

    I also am a fan of a few obscure shows. Do you remember “Caprica,” the follow-up to the new version of Battlestar Galactica? Oh, be still my heart! It could have used a few more seasons, but, alas, it perished. Might have to check out your 4400, sounds like something I would like. Best always! Rose

  2. Hey I had gotten into this show a number of years past but never did finish it. Then I discovered that they had it on NetFlix… So I started over at the very beginning & I am currently midway through season 2 (or as you in the UK call it series 2). I actually love the opening song “A place in Time” and as strange as it is have it on my phone… 🙂

    • That’s great to hear! I lost touch after series two and only really got back in to it once the DVDs dropped in price.

      Now I’ve finished this (apart from disc 2), I’m thinking of buying the box set of Taken – did you ever see that? It was shown in 2002 I think. I vaguely remember it and it also stars Joel Gretsch.

      • I recall Taken, although I never did get into watching it… at that time I did not have cable. Hmmm perhaps I shall look into that series when I am done 4400 and The Walking Dead.

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