‘Hearing Noise’

So, I recently wrote a post about noises in the social situations that disturb and distract me, as a sufferer of social anxiety. Possibly the best example I’ve seen that demonstrates my own vision of this comes from the film Bruce Almighty. I’d been hoping to find a video clip of the restaurant scene (if you’ve seen the film then you’ll know it). There is one on YouTube but, without sound, it’s quite irrelevant. The video I have found gives you a taster but I want to reassure you that I don’t hear individual voices. In fact, I don’t focus on any one conversation in particular. It’s more of a ‘blur’ or stream of noise, voice and sound.

I hope it helps to make sense and that maybe someone else can relate. It’s not something that’s occurred recently and only arise on the busiest of occasions (perhaps at a city centre festival or a large indoor event).

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2 comments on “‘Hearing Noise’

  1. janonlife says:

    Weirdly, I DO hear the voices! Random ones – usually when I’m sitting quiet and fairly zoned out. They’re a lot like the ones in that clip, but if I try to ‘follow’ one it dissolves. I’ve heard them all my life, but I think I’m mostly harmless.
    I also know the sort of blur of noise you’re talking about. I find it hard to block it out and focus on whatever I should be listening to. That’s one of the reasons I hate people calling me on my mobile when I’m out.

    • Oh, yes – I’m the same with that fear/hate of answering a phone while I’m out. I generally struggle to concentrate during phone calls anyway and often forget much of a conversation. To me, it seems less real than an email! 🙂

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