Home is Where the Noise Is

Okay. So I feel an urge to write this evening. This post is lacking the pre-emptive clarity and layout that usually precedes my writing. But, if I don’t do it now, I might not do it tomorrow.

I’d like to start by thanking everyone who has responded to my previous posts and not forgetting those who have merely clicked Like or taken the time to read through my words. Writing has helped. My week is improving as the days go by. Thank you.

I believe I’m right in saying that my previous posts have talked about the subject of noise as from the position of public places and places of work, within each I may be required to directly interact with other people. But what I’ve neglected to talk about is home and that’s the core reason as to why I’ve been struggling lately, I now believe… I’m not happy at home.

I’ve said this before. Last year, living at my mum’s, I just didn’t have the space I desired. Now, several months down the line and I have my own space within this building (even my own toilet and shower) but I do not feel at peace. Relaxing outside of the late night/early morning period is becoming increasingly difficult. In short, I put this down to living in a ground floor flat… With noisy neighbours directly overhead.

This week, I’ve begun to note, write down and log the noise disturbances that I experience from their apartment. I think it was Monday night – only hours before many people were expected to return from work after the Bank Holiday weekend – ‘the boys’ staggered up the stairs from the pub (I could hear their signature laughter from the adjacent beer garden) at around 22.00. There was three of them and, within seconds of walking through the door, on came the music.

It was loud. There are times where I’m prepared to accept that the ceiling/floor in this place is thin and empty but, late at night, it was too loud. They also continued to sing in dull, lifeless tones. This went on past 1am. I suspect I finally fell asleep somewhere before 2am. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling very well prepared for my early-morning start on Tuesday. Not to mention that I’d spent Monday evening lying in the dark anyway; almost waiting for the noise and disruption to begin.

On a more regular occasion, like this very evening; I’m aware of their TV being too loud. Whether it’s the films or some computer game; well, I could probably afford to save myself some money otherwise spent on new DVDs! Again, I’m prepared to accept that this is partly due to the thin ceiling. But, the bass is extreme. I can’t imagine how big their TV/sound system may be. I hate to admit this but I can quite often tune in to a lot of their conversations if I listen carefully (while the TV and music are off).

You know what they say when you can’t be happy in your own home… I don’t enjoy my job that much and I sometimes struggle with social situations. I could also question the comfort (or lack of) within my own skin but, for now, I’m only trying to illustrate that I’m not finding a lot of positivity in the places I frequent the most.

During the very early hours of Tuesday morning, I grabbed my phone and began searching for advice on how to approach the issue of noisy neighbours. It’s recommended that you contact them. If not verbally (because you may not know them personally) then you should leave a note, if not a formal letter. Authorities won’t intervene without evidence of your initial attempts.

Now, of course, I’ve thought about slipping a note under the door but equally, I can come up with an excuse to avoid doing this… I’d like to stay within the local area (yes, I’m thinking of moving) and therefore, I don’t want to create ill-feelings, especially as I don’t know these people, who they know or what they’re capable of (perhaps being dramatic there, but hey). I’ve met one of them briefly on a couple of occasions and I like to think he’d be rational, maybe even apologetic (ironically, I’m sure I heard him creep off to bed as the trio stormed in that night). But the other guy is an arse. He’s loud, opinionated. He can’t string two sentences without including the F-word. Whenever loud music can be heard from the main road, he is the culprit.

I’m largely afraid of the risk of confrontation. I have fears that one of those shits would kick my door in and create some kind of havoc. In writing this, I realise that I need to be assertive, for however much time I am to remain in this flat. I’m paying to live in this home; not to put up with their ignorance. I’ve know for many months that my first request would be for them to simply turn the bass down. That could make all the difference. I don’t think I should need to talk about logging or contacting authorities unless they choose to ignore or respond improperly.

So far, I’ve refrained from banging on the ceiling with any kind of item. That may not help my case. I can use the excuse that ‘aggression is not the answer’ but ultimately, I’m still afraid of their response. I’m afraid to be heard.

In fact, only last week, I went upstairs to knock on their door for the very first time… It turned out that their doorbell wasn’t working and a delivery driver (take-away in hand) had been trying to break down the main door with his fist. As he started banging, I heard the TV go silent upstairs and all was quiet. I answered the door, ran upstairs to knock but no-one answered so, I turned the driver away. Weird. They’re often ordering from this same company.

Have you had any dealings with noisy neighbours? They’re not good for your mental-health but, as I come to a close in this post, I can see opportunity to be assertive and to stand up for myself.

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4 comments on “Home is Where the Noise Is

  1. Rose says:

    I sure do hear what you’re saying…been there, done that. I am very sensitive to noise, especially at night, and really, all the time. There is enough noise in the rest of my life. When I come home, I like there to be peace and quiet. I now live in a house with no neighbor on one side and a very quiet one on the other. I don’t know your situation, but is there anyway you could rent a house? No neighbors! It has many other benefits as well, but the lack of noise is really the best.

    • Hi Rose and thank you for sharing.

      In the long term, I would love to live in a detached properties. Occasionally, a self-contained annexe pops up within the local area and they’ve often looked ideal to me. I almost went for one last year, but for the extortionate fees the agency were demanding!

      All I can say for now is that the situation seems to have improved over the weekend. 😉

  2. WeeGee says:

    I’ve done the whole noisy neighbour thing. In fact, I’m doing it now. I’ve banged on the ceiling, put notes through the door, and tried to appeal to their better nature. In the end I’ve been forced to move on….. Good luck sweetie, I hope you find the peace you need soon xoxoxo

    • Hi Weeg’, great to hear from you! 🙂

      I’m sorry you’re also having to suffer this. Have you mentioned it to your landlord? I’m hoping I won’t have to remove the mop handle from its bucket as things have improved over the weekend and, yes, I’ve had a hand in that. 😉

      I also wish you well in your quest for peace and solitude. xox

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