This is a first for me; blogging from the new-found comfort of my smart phone!

My hand is forced after my laptop decided to unrespond to everything last night; almost as if it’s in its own depressive state and just wants to be left alone.

As convenient as this new phone is, it’s not as easy to write so, you may have to accept an absence until I can fix it or get it fixed. I’m also missing your blogs and know I’m also behind in my reading.


Take care, all. I wish each of you a good weekend but I hope to be back onlinbefore Christmas! 🙂

Our second collaborative poem. Hope you like it! 🙂



Written by BrandonBored and Hastywords

I know when you cry

Because clouds appear

Rain falls from the sky

And the worst is what I fear


The storms gather fast

Trapping us both in its path

How long will it last

This self imposed wrath


Tears, hard and fast

These clouds will not part

If it’s shelter you seek

Take this parasol, from my heart


I wish you could see

Through the sheets of tears

That I am standing here

Ready to help you with your fears


It is not your fault

For what you receive

There’s a choice you must make

Together, we can leave


But to stay where you are

Is it all that you seek?

You will not get too far

Before he leaves you as weak


I vow to you now as I did before

My hand is here, and my…

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A poem written between hastywords and myself. I am so pleased with what we have created together. You can bet there will be more to come from the two of us! 🙂


IMG_8591 copy

Written by BrandonBored and HastyWords

Please keep Brandon and his friend in your thoughts!


Can it really be true?

I see what he does to you

Yet you see things different

Though it’s happening to you


A gift to look forwards

To see what can happen

But insight comes from times

I think I could have saved you

Who knows…maybe next time I can


Signals, alarms…red warnings of danger

Like a runaway train, can’t you see

This man is no savior, he is hurting you

To act as he did, through no fault of your own

Don’t you see you’d be safer alone


You have my unwavering support

Through these impossible times

Unconditional love and concern for what’s right

Although it is hard to see you like this

When you deserve more than you allow for yourself


Should you return, since it is your…

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This is just a quick one to say that I’m on Facebook, in case you haven’t already seen the link I added down the right-hand column of this blog.

There’s a page support this blog which you can ‘Like’ here.

And, if you want to add ‘me’ as a friend then, you can find me here (please note that it is not my real account and so, I don’t use it too often).

It’s just another way of staying connected with people and hopefully finding and interacting with even more. 🙂

For some reason, it accepts ‘Borred’ as my surname but not ‘Bored’, in case you were wondering.

Have a great weekend, all! 🙂